Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Winter Skincare for Acne-Prone and Dehydrated Skin

Happy Sunday folks, I spent the weekend cocooning up and not leaving the house because I'm just not a winter gal. My skin's definitely not the best right now, with it being so dry and dehydrated going from walking in the cold and into a overheated office space...

I love having a nosey at what everyone's skincare cabinet is so thought I'd share what's on my face at the moment. I have dehydrated and acne-prone skin so layers of hydration is something I'm always aiming for when it gets chilly so I've included some moisture-boosting products.

I start my routine and tone with the Missha FTE Intensive, a cult favourite in the skincare community. It's supposed to be very similar to the SKII FTE but is a more affordable option. The key ingredient is fermented yeast (yes it does smell like it, so something to note if you're not used to strong scents) and so supposed to help quick moisture absorption, refine skin texture and help pigmentation. I can't say much for the latter two but the light watery texture dries down very nicely to get ready for my essence.

For essence, I'm using up the last bit of the Zymogen Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Serum (a mouthful, that really is). It helps minimise sebum and control oil so that's a plus in my books, with other ingredients like licorice root extract and panthenol for soothing troubled skin. Alcohol is high on the list though so out of the bottle and to skin application can smell a bit strong. I'm conscious of this so my next essence will be alcohol free...

The Deviant Skincare (formerly Alkimi Skin) VI facial oil is a repurchase and a firm favourite from last year routine and jam packed with omega acids and antioxidants which doesn't feel greasy or cling to my skin at all. I use this night and day, as it helps seal in moisture. At night I like using a sleep masking on top of it too...

The newest to my routine and the star of the show for me this season is the Make Prem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream and it's honestly one of my favourite moisturisers I've ever used. It only has 12 ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin but packs a punch when it comes to soothing any irritation or providing relief after a day at work. Bonus points for squalene in the ingredients list too, a natural emollient that locks moisture and help protect the skin barrier.

Because winter is just so dry, I prefer moisturising products over anything that's targeted for special concerns like anti-aging. For me, the focus is on moisture so my skin don't feel like parchment... My eye cream is the Belif Moisturising eye bomb and works as it says it should. It keeps my undereyes healthy and soft and just works.

Finally, another new addition to the team is the REN Perfect Canvas Primer Serum. It's marketed as a primer without silicones and works seamlessly within your skincare routine, and preps the skin ready for makeup or just on its own. Let me just say I love this product too – it's light and not thick or rubbery like primers with dimethecone, and layers wonderfully under makeup. I really do find my concealer sitting nicely above it, without drying up and plumps up the skin.

It's not the cheapest, but I got it when REN was offering 30% so it made it less painful. I also only use 2 drops each time so 30ml will last me a while...

That's my routine for you...! I also use sunscreen but I'm testing out a few so I've left that one out by have been eyeing up the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence thanks to my friend Shereen. What are you using this winter season?

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday to Me

What a gratuitous title! I know it's been  forever since I dropped in but I quickly realised these photos weren't going to be any good after the holidays so what better opportunity to combine Christmas and my birthday into one giant update...

To be frank, nothing big has really happened – work is busy and exciting (I passed my 3 months mark in the beginning of December) and I've been enjoying staying offline a bit more during the week days which translates into quiet evenings, or games nights with friends, hanging out with work friends and just living life a lil after a really stressful first half of 2018. 

If you're anything like me, I love a little nosy Winter Update so here's mine...


But today is also my birthday! I've never been a big birthday person anyway so this year will be spending time with family, and doing little else. 


Matt bought me a new Kindle a few months ago and I've been furiously reading (or trying to) all sorts - as you'll have seen in my previous post on books, but have also added a lot of non-fiction books so slowly making my way through them.

We went to Hong Kong in November! It was Matt's first time, and though it wasn't my first, I was only a kid the last time I went. I've been updating my Instagram with our travel stories, and some lovely snaps while we're there.

Hung out with my friends and they threw me a surprise birthday party, that was lovely and it's heartwarming to have friends (near and far) you can just be relaxed around...

I started doing Korean languages classes! It was something I'd always wanted to do but never got round to it, but after my friend started hers in the beginning of this year I decided to take the plunge too. It's loads of fun, and I just love learning a new language and being able to speak (almost) coherent sentences now.

I also started going to mental health coaching sessions at work - at work we have someone from Sanctus who come in and you can have 121s talking about anything that's on your mind, ranging from general chats, anything personal and career-related conversations. I think it's had really positive impact for me, and if you have access to anything like this, it's worth going to one and testing the waters yourself.

Winter time is also the time I spend most time indoors... Shorter days and cold temperatures just don't bode well with me, especially as I grew up in a tropical climate!

A few weeks ago however, I wanted to go for a walk but didn't want to go anywhere crazy (cough Oxford Street) so we went to the Bank of England - there was an adorable Fortnum and Mason sponsored Christmas tree which was a nice place to wander around on the weekend.

Truth be told, I've shied away from blogging of late because writing pieces no longer felt empowering or personal to me - everything needed to be topical (being a feminist, having an opinion, staying relatable) or SEO-friendly (and we all know I dislike listicles and yet it's one of my most read post on here, ironic haha). Some days I have an opinion but they're either: topics that don't really cover what everyone likes, or things that fail to capture attention...

I'm not saying this as a bad thing, I've just learnt to share in other ways - real life, with friends and less so online.

I can see the new year bringing some new and big changes, but more than ever, I'm trying to be present in these single moments, because you never know what can happen next. Having this at the top of my mind works as a great reminder that often the simplest things bring the most joy...

Before heading off, everyone's who has hugged me in the last month have told me how soft my coat feels (and looks) so to spare the suspense, here's my swishy outfit details:

Faux fur coat - New Look / Scarf - Ireland but Johnston's are a fave / Black boots - Clarks

Have a great Christmas and see you around! 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Books I'm Planning to Read

books to read in autumn

It's officially dark at 4pm and I haven't left the house once today... I'm really not sure why everyone's fawning over single digit temperatures, for I'm just glad that I'll be off to warmer environment in two weeks (going to Hong Kong!).

The end of summer kickstarted my reading habit again and as we find ourselves with nothing but darkness and time in the evenings, I'm trying to start reading more again. Usually I read 1 non-fiction book and 2 fiction at the same time – it helps switch things up depending on my mood! I'm sharing a peek at what I'm currently reading now...

books to read in autumn

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

This was on my to-read for a while and thanks to my friend who works in publishing, I managed to get this on her staff discount. The last non-fiction book I read was Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit Forming Products and my other in current rotation is Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed which is very enjoyable - and I'm excited to get started with this one as it dives into contemporary societal attitudes around race and identity in Britain.

It evolved from Reni Eddo-Lodge's blog post and her frustration about discussions on race in the country and I think now more than ever, it's one that will inform how we think about identify through these tumultuous times.

Lest I get too political (Matt said one of my recent Instagram stories about Philip Green was too political and that's why no one engaged LOL) I'll just say I'm looking forward to this one!

books to read in autumn

The Book of Dust: Volume One La Belle Savauge by Philip Pullman

I actually talked about this on my Instagram as was kindly gifted an illustrated soft copy of the book but totally sidetracked and haven't finished reading this! A prequel to His Dark Materials, I'm already immersed in Pullman's vivid descriptions of Oxford and the imagery that's to come...

One of the dark, cold evening methinks.

If On a Winter's Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino

A classic pick, this is perfect for my postmodernist fancy - I love novels which challenges literary structures so I think this will be just the book for it. It reminds me of Paul Auster's metaphysical style and unexplained plots, so I'm sure while it's going to be an inventive journey, it'll be slightly frustrating too!

Here I Am by Jonathan Safran-Foer

Everything Is Illuminated is possibly my favourite book by Safran-Foer, his trademark style of combing sadness and humour in a way that I've never seen before was what drawn me in in the first place, and daring to be so poignant and ever so close to truth is something that I've always admired. I'm halfway through this, while it does retain a lot of the same non-sequitur remarks and traits as in his previous work, I'm not overly attached to this.

The basic plot centres around the Bloch family who find themselves amidst a breakdown and familial crises threaten to change their lives for good. It's filled with a lot of dialogue so it can be hard to follow, and specific cultural references that may be hard to pick up.

One thing I do enjoy though, is the Jewish context this is set in - presumably influence by his own background, it's enjoyable to see how religion (in the lightest sense) entwine with the banalities in love, relationships and a world full of references to hypernormalised consumer brands.

books to read in autumn

That's it on the shelf for now! What are you reading + please send me your recommendations :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Went to A Concert By Myself and Loved It

how to enjoy your own company boost self-confidence

I'd be ashamed to call myself a blogger but it's as the title says: two weeks ago, I went to a music gig by myself and survived, in fact – I loved it.

Some of you know that I listen and love Korean hip-hop (≠ K-pop but hey) and I was so down to party like a responsible adult when Zico was doing his European tour. Several things though - Matt isn't into it, and my friends are probably at that point, broke from buying BTS tickets so you know what? I went and nabbed myself a solo ticket.

Enjoying your own company

I'm usually quite nervous about spending time alone, and sometimes it doesn't help that we're told to surround ourself with copious amount of 'positive energy and people' and a ride-or-die girl gang, an idea that perpetuates that being alone is somehow shameful.

This year I set out to do more things that I actually enjoy, and sometimes that means going out of your comfort zone. I'll have to admit, I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy it because I was alone and the fear of being self-conscious (lol that went out the door pretty quickly) but I think that's quite normal if you're not used to going out and doing things alone, right?

As an only child, I think it was pretty difficult for me growing up because I didn't have anyone to talk to / play with and would always wish for a sibling during my birthdays, until my 10th birthday where I started wishing for a Tamagotchi for myself, ha.

You'd think I would have settled into a good mould of enjoying my own company but it's something I'm still working on, being comfortable walking on the streets and feeling good about it.

how to enjoy your own company boost self-confidence

Cultivating a sense of confidence

I was, am still not a confident person and it makes life really quite terrible. It didn't help that my adolescent years were plagued by skin problems and moving to a different country, and still today I struggle with my skin (that literally makes it more than 10 years) – not the greatest confidence boost shall we say.

On the flip side, it makes me very unhappy, constantly worried about outward appearances and wondering what other people think of me. It was getting to a point that affected people around me and that isn't how I'd like to continue living life...

It's probably far-fetched to correlate going to a concert and self-confidence but I would consider that a step forwards in our otherwise hypernormalised society where everyone is successful and young and impossibly attractive.

how to enjoy your own company boost self-confidence

Starting my new job at a young company surrounded by smart, driven and incredibly capable individuals have left me reeling in self-doubt lately and was something I touched on in an Instagram post - am I doing enough? Why aren't I making the big bucks yet?! How on earth do I make myself useful?

I don't have an instant cure to these lingering and unhelpful thoughts but making a start by doing things I enjoy and something I'm good at sounds like the right thing to do?

how to enjoy your own company boost self-confidence

There is no right or wrong

Would it have been better that I had friends with me at the show? Probably. But I can honestly say that I loved going to a gig by myself and put those self-conscious thoughts to sleep just for 2 hours and enjoy what was happening right in front of me.

I don't think there's a prescribed list of what you should do to feel more comfortable - I certainly don't - but I feel like we all know intuitively what we are capable of doing to start making that step, be it treating yourself a coffee date and going shopping, playing video games for hours straight (guilty - I played for 5 hours once gulp)...

I'm putting a conscious effort to spend my time enjoying the present moment, alone or together because time machines don't exist yet and I'm certainly better off spending time being content than in constant worry.

how to enjoy your own company boost self-confidence

What about you? What are your favourite alone time activities?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How I Unwind in the Evenings

This post is a paid for collaboration with Panasonic

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my previous post on taking a break when you need it, and it's so nice to see so many people already doing it... Of course, another merci beaucoup for your congratulatory messages on a new and fresh start, it's something I'm excited and nervous about – but before that, I'm on a (self-acknowledged) well-deserve three weeks off right now! I've already started on a high by watching A LOT of TV last Friday and running errands, keeping busy milling about the house and packing for a two week trip back home next week. It's not unlike a working week, just more slow-paced and even-measured I suppose...


Ultimately, my favourite time of day is to sit down in the evenings and take a breather after a full day of running around. As it's not scorching hot anymore, I start off lighting a candle to soften the air in the room and find that it helps distracts some worries of the day away. Lately, I like putting on Happy Together 3 (the karaoke segment is gold) - something easy to watch but also hilarious, and is there anything better than being comfortable on the sofa watching TV? Recently Matt and I have thought about upgrading ours and browsing through the HDR TV Panasonic page to see if anything caught our eye, so I'm looking forward to an upgraded viewing experience soon.


I know it's a bit drastic but I try and do a face mask everyday, at first it was to destash my collection I've built out over the last few years but now it's something I look forward to every evening. My skin gets red and sensitive easily, so I like keeping chilled sheet masks in the fridge which is easily the laziest way to relax in the evenings while doing chores, and wrapping up after dinner...  I also love using my face roller, which helps my skincare absorb better and is good for lymphatic draining, depuffing your face... 

Recently I've realised how my nose is incredibly sensitive to smells and it can drastically affect my mood depending on how a space is fragranced. I picked up this beautiful Places Des Vosges room spray as a keepsake of our Paris trip last summer, and after some spritzes it reminds me of the daytime dreaming while strolling through the quieter paths of the city, in an effortless slumber. 


I've been on a reading spree, and while I was disappointed when I read Caraval (I am a perfectionist when it comes to plots and character development lol sorry /booksnob much?) but have now added to my list books to kick-start my new job!

I try not to use my phone too much in the evenings, and reading a book is perfect for keeping busy  without getting too caught up in the wilds of the internet.

The evenings are also a great time to reflect over the contents of the day, and look at what you've achieved and want to get more from tomorrow. It's easy to get tunnel vision at work, surrounded by such a specific niche of people or issues that frustration builds up easily. Leaving that environment behind and looking at it objectively while I'm relaxed at home is a way I mentally coach myself for new challenges and deal with tricky situations, and evaluate my emotions.

How do you spend your evenings? I'm trying to get back into being more crafty but have been busy tying up loose ends after my final work week I haven't been able to!
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