Sunday, January 27, 2013


Don't let the Christmas cheer fool you, it was blistering cold in beautiful Salzburg. I was there just a few days before Christmas, and there were decorations and markets aplenty, littered in the scenic town famed for Mozart and The Sound of Music (hence appropriately titled). I was pleasantly greeted with the coffee and tea selection, and Austria has so many herbal fruit teas to choose from - oh joy! And since I am not a coffee-drinker (gasp yes) it was simply a delight to find a shop dedicated entirely to teas, which had season-themed infusions. Of course I had to bring home some for the cold weather as well.

Salzburg's charm is undisputed, and is definitely breathtaking through all seasons. This is also why I love visiting smaller cities (Verona is another of my favorite) because you find all sorts of strange, exquisite things at every corner. I also seem to be reading dystopian novels every Christmas break (last year's was Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World). The thing about Salzburg is that, you can see the mountains everywhere! Atop the fortress - it was a very cold and drizzly trek up to see the town but who can deny such a picturesque town?

It was snowing when I left to Vienna and I can neither confirm nor deny if I was truly musing about life! Next will be more Austrian adventures in classical and ornate Vienna :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tea at Chesterfield Hotel

Yet another food-related post, but I gather that it's always a good topic to talk about. This is such a distant memory: pre-Christmas tea time at the Chesterfield, where it got dark at about 4pm and you could have mulled wine and dress up christmassy! Oh I miss Christmas. It was rather dark indoors and I am a horrible interior photographer, so I'm afraid they're less appetizing than they look here. If you have yet to try a full traditional tea, please do - because it is so good. I love love love tea time. This is a shorter post than usual because I am rushing out for a meeting so apologies, but the next one will be significantly vibrant and exciting, I promise. But this was such a fulsome and satisfying meal, so tea time is one of my favorite dining hours. 

I had a good time mulling over the selection of cakes and teas; which was a very cool stylish flower bud type tea of which I have completely forgotten the name of, sadly. Next up will be some travel exciting photos from the very cold regions of East Europe :) I hope everyone is keeping warm, though London is behaving well today with the sun out at 5 degrees! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I only have full-time university to blame for the very uninspiring and uncreative title of 'Skulls' though it is apt to describe my (quite) brand-new skull ear cuff! I secretly love how badass it looks, and looks very edgy when worn with other minimal jewelry. I've been acquiring several pieces over the last month as well, including that silver blue statement necklace. These were also taken the very next day I re-dyed my hair dark red (yes I am now a redhead again)!

I suppose this is also a food-filled post, on the same day I had brunch at one of Covent Garden's favorites - Bill's! Not too great for someone who is lactose intolerant like me, their French toast was slightly too much for my dairy intake : ( but it definitely looks and tastes great and I particularly enjoyed the maple syrup with fruits on top!

London is also currently experiencing some snowfall so I'll be out and about with my camera so expect some wintry white photos too! I also feel like I end every sentence with an exclamation mark.

If you have recommendations for food places, please do share as I am an avid breakfast/brunch lover!

Friday, January 18, 2013


(Our backyard terrace, en route to Zurich, fancy Brasserie,
Thé du Bruxelles, Rob Ryan fever, Bahnhofstrasse,
Through the Swiss Alps, Interior of Schobrunn Palace, Christmas dinners) 

I suppose this is a very cheat post, since they are 9 of my shameless Instagram photos but I will try to start writing and posting things again (replete with photos and exciting stuff, I promise!) so please just stare at these for now... All of my holiday spirit in a single collage! Next time I will have some cool accessories I acquired over the break :)

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