Sunday, January 27, 2013


Don't let the Christmas cheer fool you, it was blistering cold in beautiful Salzburg. I was there just a few days before Christmas, and there were decorations and markets aplenty, littered in the scenic town famed for Mozart and The Sound of Music (hence appropriately titled). I was pleasantly greeted with the coffee and tea selection, and Austria has so many herbal fruit teas to choose from - oh joy! And since I am not a coffee-drinker (gasp yes) it was simply a delight to find a shop dedicated entirely to teas, which had season-themed infusions. Of course I had to bring home some for the cold weather as well.

Salzburg's charm is undisputed, and is definitely breathtaking through all seasons. This is also why I love visiting smaller cities (Verona is another of my favorite) because you find all sorts of strange, exquisite things at every corner. I also seem to be reading dystopian novels every Christmas break (last year's was Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World). The thing about Salzburg is that, you can see the mountains everywhere! Atop the fortress - it was a very cold and drizzly trek up to see the town but who can deny such a picturesque town?

It was snowing when I left to Vienna and I can neither confirm nor deny if I was truly musing about life! Next will be more Austrian adventures in classical and ornate Vienna :)

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  1. So lovely! Esp. the second last picture : ) Looking forward to your post on Vienna!


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