Friday, February 1, 2013

Ess Muss Sein

It's Thursday and you know what this means: new post (yay).

Decadence and the terrible cold is my impression of Vienna - not to mention the fog in the morning! Nonetheless the mist unveiled the history of the city itself, the architecture particularly wonderful to marvel at. I think Vienna speaks for itself, because I don't think my pictures nor helpless words can pay tribute to a city that once housed Mozart, Strauss, Klimt and Schiele... Though I have to add as a parenthesis that personally I am more of a Romantic-era fan but why complain? 

And perhaps the best (and only) picture I have of myself is in front of the mumok (museum of modern art and everyone who knows me well knows my sentiments on modern art hence the expression); the Leopold museum which actually has the Klimt exhibition I wanted to see was not open because it was Christmas eve/my birthday wish was not granted! Although, the fog did uncloaked to reveal the mysterious Stephansdom and the blithe Schobrunn woods... 

I spent most the time shivering even beneath thermals and four layers of clothing - but had great times eating all-time favorites of tafelspitz and apfelstrudel, celebrating my birthday in the Albertina, seeing an orchestra in the Hofburg on Christmas night and museum-hopping! I sound vaguely touristy-happy but it's true, I'd be back there sooner than you think if I had the chance. Round 2 of summer in Vienna, anyone? 

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