Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dies Irae

Clearly I'm a lazy person when it comes to recollecting my experiences. I went away to Brighton two weeks ago and here are some snaps that may or may not interest a future flock of potential tourists, though I suspect it may be the latter.

All I did was eat, walked around and sleep. Brighton is a good place for a quick day trip so anyone looking to get away to a pseudo-beach (pebble beaches aren't beaches imo) you could opt for Brighton. And also fish and chips, if you're into that. I wasn't, so I went for a French Bistro in the town which was equally good. And I doubt anyone is remotely interested, but I'm curating a video of this trip and will be up soon, at least that's semi-productive?

And since I'm clearly addicted to traveling, if anyone is kind enough to recommend new destinations I'd be eternally grateful!
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