Monday, August 25, 2014

Late Summer Dining in London

This probably isn't well-known but I actually make more video content on my YouTube channel than my blog (often I find that writing is harder because I'm a perfectionist and it takes me very long to find words to describe the scenario) but it's different when it comes to video and one of my favourite things, food! This is a video I uploaded on Sunday for anyone in London, or coming to London soon (or anytime, really) I have a video for y'all - food recommendations! Who doesn't like that? I share my favourite Greek restaurant, a cool French patisserie and a lounging venue for weekends :)


If you have any suggestions/places to go in London, please let me know and I'd love to hear! Remember: I love eating!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's been a while, hasn't it? I keep saying I'll post something soon in my mind but actually editing/posting is another story we won't begin to mention. At least I had the heart to share some of these Firenze shots while I was in Italy last month. I stayed in Pisa, so we took a train into Firenze Santa Maria Novella station and Florence was one the cities I had anticipated to visit for so very long because of its architecture and Renaissance art. It was slightly rainy, but that didn't dampen my mood (ha ha) since I spent the time wandering in the Uffizi Gallery and roaming around Ponte Vecchio and afterwards to Piazza Michelangelo after a long hike up! 

I feel like it's important for me, at least, to try to describe my travels as I had felt when I was there. Most glaringly were the colours of the buildings: burnt umber and sienna, littered by occasional gold. Unlike most Italian cities, Florence's architectural history with its art is something one finds hard to imagine, surviving so many centuries for so many years later. Yet, I would be paying a disservice trying to give an accurate description of what cities mean to me, because it may not mean the same to you and it wasn't idyllic as we would like to imagine (as we are so mistaken in much of our idealisations)-- I've long abandoned my 17-year-old Italian daydreams and summer dresses, because at 22, I am overly cynical but sensible enough to understand the histories that were not mine under an arrogance pretense of admiration.

By this point, we had got sick of having Italian food but there didn't seem much of a choice so a quick lunch consisted of spaghetti and water in a ubiquitous tourist trap with free wi-fi. I spent only six hours in Florence, and that's barely enough because I missed out the Boboli Gardens and other museums I originally planned to go to. Well, that can only mean I'll have to pay another visit in the near future.
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