Sunday, September 7, 2014


I've been putting off writing about Istanbul for a number of reasons, not least due to my laziness and general indifference but also my feelings for this city that will remained a deep throb in my heart. Its mysterious and ingenious blend of East and West is what drew me in, particularly in its architectural history, people and food.

I went right after Christmas, and spent New Year there as well. The light in these photos is a snapshot of what winter in Istanbul is like, the white marble reflected bluish glows from its past, preceding the moving and breathing life that remains very much alive today. For a secular country Turkey claims to be, Istanbul certainly had no few mosques; the Blue Mosque stands across Hagia Sophia (a church? a mosque?) and as touristy as it is, was a sight to behold. Wafting through the breezy streets were chestnuts, Turkish tea and a iridescent glow from the Bosphorus, the stalls, and shops selling copper pots and pans.

Istanbul is now a favourite city of mine, a city that thrives on too many sweet treats and trendy areas. Although it doesn't showcase itself as a comfortable European town, Istanbul certainly makes up for it with eclectic mix of food (I love Mediterranean food too much: hummus anyone?) and the fighting spirit of hope, with its young and renewed population.
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