Thursday, February 26, 2015


Shock, horror! She strikes again. Posting in consecutive weeks?! Yes, that's right. But mainly because I am trying to justifying posting as a result of finishing up some work on foreign policy analysis (yeah I am actually smart, maybe, who knows?). You can see my continuing obsession with my houndstooth coat - I've been wearing it non-stop - so I'm not sorry if you're sick of looking at it. So rarely has a coat graced my petite self so well such as this, so it's time as they say, for me to flaunt it like you got it. 
I'm also trying to post more as a reminder of a *positivity*: faux journalist Matt and I went to Tower of London on Valentine's because I bought the tickets and I wanted to go (duh) and we had a whole chicken at Clockjack the following week for my week off. I've got some footage from our meal, and who knows, if I put my heart and mind to it, I might even have a video review of the place - reviving anothersundayvideo! 
That's all I have to say, really. I have to go back to doing more work so that's all boring stuff, and we only reserve the best for this space, am I right homies? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The prodigal daughter returns! Whenever people tell me my photos look nice, believe me when I say I'm extremely appreciative of that comment because I am literally the laziest blogger (if you can even call me that), ever.

After the post-Christmas and New Year's rush, a certain nugget and I took a very early morning train to Paris for some time off. I've been to Paris a few times before already, but the last was about 3 years ago so it was good and refreshing(ly chilly) to be back in a city where you either love or hate it. The best thing about traveling is being able to roam and wander the streets, which we did at our leisure, and also because walking is tiring...

We stayed in a cute little boutique hotel overlooking a park, a museum and was 3 minutes away from Sephora - what else could you ask for? (Warmer weather, I guess) We spent the first afternoon strolling through the Louvre (typical!) and then had some life-saving udon as a post-museum treat! I didn't even know that Paris was home to such great Japanese food... There needs to be more udon restaurants in London. Move aside, ramen. 

I finally got to visit Musée d'Orsay because it was closed the last time I was in Paris; but it turned out to be the first Sunday of the month, which meant the queue took forever! But I didn't let the 45-minute wait stop me, so we managed to get in, grabbed some teas and walked around the open-space museum. I also dropped by Shakespeare & Co, just opposite from Notre Dame - true to second-hand accounts, it was a small and cosy bookshop with books jutting out from all available space! The Nugget laughed at me when I tried to browse some 'first edition' books because we didn't know if that was actually allowed (it was). 

The last day consisted of more walking, and visiting Trocadero for some panoramic pictures of the Eiffel Tower. It was freezing, I had my black forest gateau from Stohrer, and it was great. And because I'm a terrible blogger, the stories and our trip in Paris will be reduced to these paragraphs. I will leave you with these, and till the next time, let me know if you've been to Paris, or jettisoning to some faraway land for Spring! 

(Pictures c/o the Nugget and myself) 
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