Monday, March 23, 2015

Tick Tock

Boom, I'm back! Only because I'm running an incredibly high fever (even after doubling my dose) and I can't read anymore about capital mobility... This morning I decided I wanted a quick do+run (yeah sue me for my unfashionable terms) so I look less like the undead. Due to my unfortunate illness spanning the weekend, all I've managed to do is watching makeup/style videos one after the other. Hence my self-indulgent face post today. The camera makes me look 10x better so chances are, if you see me on street, I'd probably be staring dead stares at you. 

Anyway - that is literally what I have on today/right now. I didn't even bother doing anything with my burning feverish eyes. I'd figure all you need is to step up on that brow and lip game, y'know? ('game' in my books mean game theory which is why I find it hilarious whenever I see someone say 'brow game') 

I think the generic thing to do now, is to list the items I used, but I'm a rebel and I won't do it. I do however want to talk about the cute little pouch my mother gave me for Valentine's which I store all my junk in, after I set my former pouch on fire (no joke). It's from Melvita and they always have the cutest illustrations! My two items that I wear makeup or not are my watch and my charm bracelet because 1) I need the time 2) I believe my bracelet brings luck (trufax). 
Ooh, and the amazing striped orange dress I got over the weekend is just the softest and comfiest in my feverish and delirious state. I also finished Season 4 of Game of Thrones. Irrelevant to anything in this post, but whatever. 
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