Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Burberry Bisous

Well hello hello. Thanks to my dead tulips which still had really pretty petals, I bring you some artsy fartsy shots of the Burberry Kisses Nude Pink lipstick that came in the mail via a gift from my friend Daphne (who is like THE beauty blogger I know) who shared it to me on Twitter - big addict of Twitter, got to keep up with my politics as you will find most my RTs are - and cue to a bored moment of writing papers.... 

I like this color pretty much because it's a nice creamy pink (I don't know how beauty bloggers describe their product with such detail oh god) but it's a really cute, fuss-free lip color that I'd like to have on my lips for the sunnier spells we've been having. I paired it with my brand-new and on sale (hell yeah) sweatshirt jumper from Monki  for a quick grocery trip for my Asian supplies the other day and thought you guys would like to see me being all weird. 

Also my jumper says 'Dare Rare' if you were wondering. I sure was, because I don't really know what it means but it's super comfy and I love it so much! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, I've been listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast (which I love) and trying to get through my last paper! Let me know what you're up to this week so I can be eternally jealous of your exciting lives ;) 

Bisous! (how befitting) 
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