Monday, April 27, 2015

Regent's Park


Aaaand... the trench coat makes a reappearance! This was about two weeks ago, when the Nugget and I trekked to Regent's Park for a stroll because the weather was fairly nice (it's not anymore, and it's horrible this week!) before dinner at a friend's house. We went there without knowing there were going to be so many flowers in bloom – and lo and behold, these photos came to be, because we had the nice camera out as well. I'm channelling my inner ~fashion blogger~, can you tell?

Unfortunately that weekend was the last day where my coat still had both its shoulder straps still intact, because I went and lost it when I was straddling the camera out the following week :( the 381 bus was the last place it will remain... Well, that's enough of me being sentimental. Now I just hope no one will notice the oddity of one shoulder being strapless when I'm wearing it out next.

I'm taking a break today, after handing in three papers totalling 9000 words, with my next one due Wednesday... Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week, let me know what you're up to and any exciting plans coming up :)

Ooh, and Nugget and I watched Avengers on Friday last week and I really liked it - a good fun, action film with pretty good looking people are always a plus in my book ;)
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