Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcoming Spring

Nevermind that it's way past my bedtime but I was editing these photos (and it sure took me a long time) and I got all excited and was hoping to share it with my my secret audience of 5 (or less)! Spring is here (well at least for now) this week in London - highest of 20 degrees are you kidding – I opened the door Tuesday morning after getting back from Easter weekend to see the sun out and my bicycle is the prettiest of sunlight! Then I hung some clothes and took the picture. I'm not going to lie, I thought it'd look cooler with the clothes and colours there.

This morning I slathered on some Nuxe lip balm and I can't believe we were apart for four days during the Bank Holiday - explains why my lips got seriously sore and chapped. Reunion with a pot of honey jar.

Matt and I went to Stowe Gardens on Easter Sunday while we were back in Buckingham, and here's a couple of miracle outfit snaps, where I have a bajillion spots and minimal makeup but thanks to the sun, I don't look too shabby. We had strawberry jam bagels in the morning, watched Liam Neeson do his thang in Taken 3... sometimes you gotta have some cheesy action films in your life, y'know?

How was everyone's Easter weekend? :)
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