Thursday, May 7, 2015


I wish I could tell you how fantastic the Hermès' Wanderland exhibit at Saatchi Gallery was, but I can't because I only went so close to closing time and they were already dismantling the exhibits! Heartbroken... if you went, let me know how fantastic it was because I've been hearing so many rave reviews about it. Anyway, that happened so I just decided to go shopping to cheer myself up. 

I didn't know there was an Anthropologie along King's Road so I popped in for a quick look. Anyway, it turned out they had a 20% off all home items so I picked up this wonderful smelling Apricot Basil soy candle (also the Coconut Milk Mango which is absolutely divine! But that's for another time...) 

I used to buy the Muji candles because they were relatively affordable but they kept getting really smoky and I wouldn't stop coughing, so I wanted to invest in something that wasn't Diptyque (£50?! no thanks) and something that would give a cleaner burn! Plus it's biodegradable and I'm totally on that bandwagon.

Also quick recap on outfit - bringing out my Banana Republic blue checkered coat which I've been dying to bring out for the warmer spring breeze, and my new Asos hat which actually fits my very small head. It was a bit chilly though, so you can't really see the extremely soft baby blue dress I'm wearing underneath. 

Anyway you'd think I'm being paid to write this but my friend you are wrong. I genuinely love this candle (only been with me one week so far) and I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a fresh spring scent which is clean and won't choke your windpipes! And that, is how I will end this post... 

So talk to me, let me know if you have a favourite candle or if you went to the Wanderland exhibit? 
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