Wednesday, June 3, 2015


There are no buttercups to be found anywhere in these photos, but since my dress is yellow, I went along with it. Also hola because no shame in repeating the coat/scarf combo as in my previous post because I was digging the whole outfit and decide to wear it the next day.. Plus, my shoes are *totally* different in these ones... We shot these in front of the Imperial War Museum's little park, and someone nearby was eyeing me the whole time I tried to pose (and failed miserably, of course). It was also extremely windy, which partially explains the windswept, downward looking face....

Nugget and I are heading to Seville on Friday after a brief ticketing mishap (phew) but all is sorted so I've got to finish packing my short shorts (not really) and get everything in order, oh and, get through my dissertation meeting today about economic theory.... Tell me about your plans for the supposedly sunny London weekend, or any plans traveling or otherwise :) Also if anyone have any secret London hangouts to recommend, I'd love to hear it!

(also if you love my humorous style of writing, you sure are missing out if you're not following me on Snapchat already at cheriectkoh; I believe my #countrylyfe series was a big hit when we snapped our bank holiday weekend back in Buckingham!)
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