Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have to admit, these pictures were made to have a more summer-feel, or more like how I remembered the day we went for a picnic was like. I bought Nugget a picnic basket set for our anniversary (mainly 'cause I wanted to go for picnic more) and we brought it out for a swing. We stocked up on food from M&S and headed to the park, knowing it was probably the most expensive picnic known to mankind. It was breezy and warm, and I remembered it as a green-yellow hue, used my pretentious paper straws to sip on some juice and snacked on gourh-met deli items which I proceeded to spill when we were walking and everything was drenched in olive oil...

We paid a visit to the Serpentine Sackler gallery for an exhibition, checked out the caterpillar-like tent which was very warm. Headed home and watched Begin Again, which is a very cute movie to watch, and I don't care what everyone says about Keira Knightley I like her and the songs are great to sing along to. 

We're back in Buckingham this weekend for a visit so if you're besties with me on snapchat you'll get another glimpse of the #countrylyfe. I know y'all love it... Also what does everyone think about these snapshot posts, instead of my usual barely glamorous outfit shots? Not gonna lie, I'm quite proud of how the way these shots turned out, giving something to reminisce when the weather turns chilly.

What is everyone getting up to, lemme know and we can talk below (I'm *so* sociable obviously)!
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