Sunday, September 27, 2015

Charles Petillon's Heartbeat / Covent Garden Walks

(Hat - Topshop (very similar here) | Cardi - Scotch & Soda | Necklace - Bauble Bar | Dress - Jack Wills | Shoes - Clarks | Bag - Zara)
Hello everyone - thank you for all that great feedback about my desk, who knew you could get such a response from an inanimate object?! Although I'm not too surprised, since I would totally jump in a conversation about copper coloured baskets from Scandinavia or something... 
Anyway enough chitter chatter, let's get down to some description of these pictures! YES IT'S ANOTHER SHOT OF COVENT GARDEN AND THE BALLOONS. I gotta take advantage of this and get some blogger action shots aight?! Anyway there's supposed to be 100,000 balloons in this suspended exhibit about challenging the way we see ordinary objects, and a metaphor (I literally googled this so don't ask me more) - I suppose I could see the appeal, it's also installed with pulsating white light, mimicking a ~heartbeat~ . I brought WengYee from 9outoften (cough blogger support cough) when she was in London last week, and she thought it was pretty cool too so I guess I wasn't the only one. 
Matt and I shot this on a weekend, and there were so many people shooting me looks, as if I was crazy looking at balloons... what can I say, I look like five after all. The installation is up till 27th September (today) so if you happen to chance upon this today, you still have some time - I'm not the most time-conscientious blogger as we know! 
Mid-season weather like these, I like to throw on my usual oversized cardi and a hat to keep the wind from messin' up the hair and a casual bag for a quick stroll around town :) and don't you just love how cute and classy my Zara messenger bag is, big enough for all the crap I bring out but small enough to not weigh my weak and skinny shoulders down! 
What are your usual autumn/cold weather get-up? Also am I the only one who isn't looking forward to it?!?! Aaaah! 
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