Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Desk Essentials

Hey folks, no photos of my face this time (I know it was such a seller) but I was feeling lazy and not like a million bucks so I thought I'd show you a couple of my desk 'essentials' (it looks much messier than this though). But as you can see, my desk is pretty messy, it's stuffed with two screens because  I'm blind, and I usually research/read on one screen and type on the other.... 

Anyhoo! Got to love nice big bouquet of flowers to freshen up the scene, these pink chrysanthemums I bought from Waitrose on half price (booyah) and was a little treat to myself one fine evening. Behind my desk I have my lovely sort-of duck egg blue Anglepoise lamp that Matt bought me for my birthday last year and is the best investment your basic Ikea desk needs! 
Next are my absolute 'go-to' items: I NEED MY HAND CREAMS 'cause yo girl have really dry hands (because I wash too many dishes truestory) so I have this little one from Melvita from their L'Argan Bio range, which came in a cute little pouch I featured previously before :) And of course, what better way to distract yourself from work by having nail polishes dotted around your area? I have the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat (dries super fast so I don't feel guilty for leaving work too long) and then my most recent accolade of the OPI That's Hula-rious from their Hawaii collection that my mum got me as a gift... 
And what would I do without a watch? If you're ever BFFs with me, you'll know I'm a lover of watches and I've been going back to this Gold Casio digital watch which I think is pretty trendy and chic, and keeps time well! Other small bits include mismatched earrings because I always misplace my earrings so different ones on different ears it is... And finally, pretty much the only ring I wear is my Pandora birthstone ring since it's the only one that fits my horribly skinny fingers! I love it to bits and how dainty it looks despite it having a stone on it, and I know yada yada lots of people have it etc. but I still like it so that's that! 
What do you think of my pretty lame desk essentials? Do you have anything like these? Does it make you want to get a gold Casio watch (cough hipsters cough)? How do you like to work and what kind of things are comforting for you? I should stop with the questions. Talk to me and let's have a party in the comments section y'all, DFTBA! 
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