Monday, October 5, 2015

Hourglass Palettes: An Amateur's Take

We all know I'm not a beauty blogger, else I'd be broke (not that I'm not already poor FYI) but I usually stay away from beauty products unless I have sumthin' sumthin' to show... The last time I talked about anything makeup-related was in my Sephora haul, and these beauties were a part of that massive package. I'm no stranger to Hourglass, after hearing everyone's extended families talk about how flawless it made their skin - I jumped the gun and bought three freaking palettes. Plus, it was definitely saving me more had I got it from North America... or so I keep telling myself.

First off, I caved and got the Lighting Powder in Diffused Light, which is supposed to ~illuminate~ your face, and make you feel and look like a Greek goddess. Not too sure about the goddess part, but I do like it enough, and it's a fuss-free powder that doesn't make me look like a ghost. I wouldn't go that far to say that it makes my skin flawless but I am enjoying this... 

Second, everyone keeps going on about these marbled blushes and I obviously have a weak will and eventually opted for the Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat. Okay here's where it gets a bit strange: this doesn't come up on me well at all, sadly. Maybe because I'm totally clueless and haven't done my research well, or that I'm tanner than a typical fair-skinned laydee, but it barely shows on my cheeks. I probably should've gone for a darker, rosier (?) shade, but this one frankly just disappointed me :( nonetheless I gotta use the hell outta it somehow!

Finally - I saved the best for last, my absolute favourite of the three has got to be the Ambient Lighting Palette with the trio of Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light. And oh my sweet kimchi it is literally a dream, this one. I've got to say, this one works perfectly for my yellow undertones and tanned skin, and it adds such a nice subtle and bronze hint to my barely visible cheekbones! I love it! It's also not very hard to blend, so I don't have to spend ages in the morning trying to make everything come together... I've barely started to use it but am already scared of using it up!

Have you guys tried any Hourglass stuff? I hear the limited edition palette is already sold out! Anything I should be trying from the range? Hit me up down low y'all!
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