Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lost Gardens of Heligan


Jumper - Jack Wills | Shorts - Zara (similar) | Shoes - New Balance 

Hello folks! Back the the regular photo-heavy, pose-heavy, flower-heavy posts - this is what I'm talkin' about. I miss this, being able to show you my face and limited body poses so I brought it back. Tell me you're happy.

We shot these right at the end of summer, on a roadtrip to Cornwall with my parents – I was knee deep in my thesis, and took a week out to have a getaway in a really cute seaside village in St Agnes, and popped by Lost Gardens of Heligan on the last day of our trip :) it was a truly endearing trip, having everyone in the car, driving through fog and mist one evening leaving St Ives, wandering through towns and eating pasties, and being in a place with more legroom than I'd ever imagine!

A short history lesson that I stole from Google: the Lost Gardens were owned by the Tremayne family for 400 years, but got 'lost' as it was neglected after the First World War, and rediscovered in 1990s and is a fantasy/dreamlike maze of jungle, flower gardens and winding paths. Being the adventure hikers (no) that we were, Matt and I trawled the garden via the 'easy' paths because 1) he's flat-footed 2) too lazy (me) but still managed to stumble upon a field of yellow flowers hence the photos!

Among other things though: I really enjoyed the lawn with croquet, the flower and vegetable patch, and of course the maze-like jungle paths surrounding the gardens. It was a cool but pleasant afternoon to wander through and get 'lost' (ha ha) and grab a pasty at the end ;)

Re the outfit, I was desperate to cling on the last bits of summer, so I paired two patterned items (shock horror) together - my Jack Wills polka dotted jumper in a bright red which I love, and a more conservative but stylish checkered shorts from Zara. And like a true azn, I got them while they were on sale during summer! Shoes were thought it advance with comfort in mind so I brought out my only pair of New Balances which are a bright neon orange. Yep, I love colour can you tell!

This week we're trying to get all the documents finalized to move houses (again) so it's been quite stressful. Regardless I'm still basking in that post-holiday trance so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. Let me know your plans lately, or any upcoming festivities for the holiday season! :)

P/S if you look closely in one of the shot I look like I'm bursting in my shorts - must be that ice cream! But hey remember that empowerment hashtag #bodypositive #lovemahself #loveicecream

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Autumn Scent: Anthropologie's Jade and Dragon Fruit

Welcome back friends! The last two weeks have been amazing, I basked in the sun at home, had the fair share of haze in my lungs, and spent a lovely five days in Seoul where I was dreading to leave because I loved it so much. Can't wait to share all our Seoul adventures with y'all cause yuknow I luv you homies aite?

Anyway thank goodness I bought this Anthropologie Dragon Fruit candle scent during their homeware mid-season sale, because when I got back, I was definitely taking the withdrawal hit and needed something calming to just chill out in.

The scent itself is a fruity base: it has the dragon fruit undertones but is really peppered with the soothing aroma (? wow great description) of a laid back autumn evening. I'm so excited to use this through winter as well, it's definitely a great one for feeling comfortable in! As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Anthropologie after owning two candles already from them before, and the reason I keep going back is because it's soy-based and 1) good for the environment 2) not smoky for anyone in the room!

I've also bought one for Matt's brother (he's into the whole zen and candle thing) for Christmas already and it's definitely a great alternative to parrafin/wax candles which are priced the same out there anyway!

Have you been burnin' those candles? Personally I'm not buying into the whole PSL/cinnamon fad but do share what's the wick you've been lightin' up recently :)
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