Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Columbia Road Flower Market

Greetings from the other side aka the new year aka 2016! After a very restful Christmas break (I stress on the very because all we did was watch the new Star Wars movie and eat/snack), we found ourselves back in London to sort out life.

New year's was spent in pj's and retainers on the balcony of our flat, seeing fireworks off from the London Eye. Anyway – my #hilare friend Weng Yee (aka 9outoften) just moved to London for work and I wanted to head to the flower market Columbia Road so we braved (more like me) the wintry winds and made out way to DA EAST.

Home to yet another popular destination for Landaners and tourists, the market is on every Sunday from 8am to 2pm. A lot of traders come bright and early – at 5 or 6am! to set up shop and set up stalls. I usually go in between 1.30 to 2pm to get the best prices, which is when they're about to close and are eager to sell the most of their stock off. Although, when we went, it wasn't that much reduced. I suspect it's because it's winter, and there wasn't much selection and competition.

It's one of my favourite places to head to during the weekends even if it's a bit too far and requires a bit of walking... even if you're not looking to buy flowers, the street is lined with cute independent shops and cafes for some respite after walking!

If you're going in Spring or Summer, there are definitely lots more blooms and stalls up!

As if you didn't know already, my favourite flowers are tulips (and peonies) and I wanted to pick some up for our 'newly' decorated flat. Also because my birthday was spent in the countryside where I couldn't really transport back flowers even if I got any.

I got some lilac and purple blooms, and they're now sitting nicely in our living room :)

Columbia Road is also where my favourite paper cutter/designer store is – Ryantown. Unfortunately we found out they're closing their shop in mid-February :( but I did pick up a sneaky 2016 calendar for half price and I'm a happy gal! If anyone is a fan, let me know!

Also beware of pickpockets, as I almost got my phone stolen when I was there previously. Make sure you keep your valuables close to you anyway, because it can get crowded and you will need to edge your way through the crowds.

The nearest tube stops are Old Street. Bethnal Green or Whitechapel and take 10-15 mins walk. I'd suggest to have a warming Vietnamese lunch at Hoxton before popping by the market! MMMM.

A bonus picture of y'all. Behind the scenes and all-access glamour. Up close and personal. We made our way back to Chinatown, to pick up some supplies and the wind really picked up so up came my Uniqlo hood and scarf wrapped around twice. Hope you enjoyed this little musing from the new year :)

As always:

(Hooded jacket: Uniqlo / Scarf - Dorothy Perkins / Coat - Zara / Boots - Public Desire)

Hope you're all well! Any recommendations on where I can explore next? And my mum coming to visit, so any ideas outside of London is very much welcomed too! DO YOU LIKE TULIPS TOO? What kind of flowers do y'all dig?

P/S photos by Matt, and if y'all wanna show him some luvin' you can check out his flickr wheee :)
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