Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to dress casually stylish (aka dope)

Step one: get your awesome Canadian friend to buy you a Dope hat from Seoul which you (regretfully) did not buy for some mysterious reason. Receive in the mail via Canada just because it's cool.

Step two: wait freaking ages till London bids you a good(-ish) sunny day so you can half look like a cool Asian on the street posing. Even though you're 5'2. \

Let's forget the steps and get into the details, shall we amigos!

Again if you haven't already read in my February highlights,  ma homequrl Vanessa helped me buy this seriously dope hat and sent it from half way around the world because that's how we roll. I've been wanting to shoot some photos for a while but after Madrid and starting a new job, it kind of got side swept / I wasn't in the mood / blogging became annoying to me so I took the backseat for a while. 

I paired my comfiest but also most stylish-comfy items I've acquired of late - wearing a form-fitting sweatshirt and a speckled jacket instantly built up an effortless look, and these ~soft~ AF jeans from Cheap Monday are just great to prance around in town. Add that to my burnt sienna scarf and blush pink bag from Madrid and a pom from eBay for 99p is the way to go, everyone... How gorgeous and precious is this bag :') I love the colour and it'll be such a great company for spring through summer! 
I feel like I should say more but really, not much else has been happening. Except that everyone at work reaaaally love to drink, and people look at me strange when I tell them I don't, ha!

Matt called this outfit Korean chic, and I'm pretty proud of it – not going to lie, I'm pretty obsessed with this whole casual vibe going on (you would too if you were wearing work clothes five days a week k), and I'm glad that I have this LINE jumper to remember our travels by :-)

And I'm super pleased that looking good doesn't always mean dressing sophisticatedly, with wispy hair or a swishy trench and killer heels, y'know? I originally planned this outfit with red pumps but decided it was perfect to walk around in these awesome loafers. 

I guess the ultimate key to dressing casually but stylish is to have fun and experiment with all that you have in your wardrobe. I wouldn't usually wear a snapback but jumped the gun anyway and ended up feelin' like a boss when I was walking about. You could also pair a super chic item (bag/coat) if you're feeling way too casual... but hey, don't take advice from me, just go for it! 
Dope hat - Korea / Brown LINE jumper / Cheap Monday jeans / Tiamo shoes / Parfois crossbody bag / Parfois scarf / Banana Republic jacket

How has everyone been, let me know what exciting things has happened :-) Easter break is coming up, so I'm grateful for a bit of break too! We're heading to the Churchill War Rooms tomorrow for some educational fun so that'll be quite nice. Otherwise, I promise to get an exciting edition of our Madrid travels out soon!
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