Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Strolls | Blossoms in Marylebone

Is Spring overrated? Probably. Does it stop us from taking photos of flowers? O HALE NO (50 points if you get this reference but you probs don't so....). Post-full belly stroll around Marylebone last weekend, after an eclectic Peruvian-fusion brunch – 3pm still counts right - and we stumbled upon Manchester Square just opposite of the Wallace Collection. Pink blush petals screamed my name and here are some happy shots I wanted to share before we jet off to Italy for a week tomorrow...

As always, comfort is key. It wasn't the sunniest so I had to wrap up warm with a thick scarf and my go-to coat. And let's not forget my favourite pink crossbody! It was Sunday, and I wasn't having any of dat fancy footwear feeling so went ahead in my new (it was on s a l e ok) New Balance's in the colour I was searching for for the past year! Score. 

What are your fave clothing to don for Spring? *that* bomber jacket? Some dainty jewelry? 

(Scarf - Monki / Bag - Parfois / Coat - Jack Wills / Skirt - Zara / Shoes - New Balance)

We'll be touring Florence and then taking a train down to Rome - if you have any suggestions re food or sights, drop a comment below or tweet me ;-) have a great week ahead amigos, and let's chat more below as always! 

Fingers crossed that I'll have some cool photos to share once we're back - in the meantime, stay tuned on Instagram or Snapchat (cheriectkoh) to follow me around~  
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