Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Things: What I Did in April

Time seems to be falling forward, but I suspend and exist between the cracks where moments flicker from one emotion to the next – frustration to anger to relief to joy. That's how I feel about April. That said, it's been a good one (I suppose?) and with spring beckoning, it makes life a bit more alive. While I probably have enough stuff in my life, here are a a few of my favourite 'consumer products' – terminology thanks to the detailed discussion Matt & I had on guaranteed basic income/we are such pc boring people/I mean, Freakonomics is my favourite podcast...

One fine Sunday, I met Michelle after her fanstastical Japan trip, and lunched at the kooky Attendant tucked behind Oxford Street - we talked about how we should be adults but we're not really. Cute things, Ghibli, Pokémon? All ticked. We also had a poke around Kate Spade new(-ish) store on Regent Street and marvelled at the perfect colour coordination they had in store.

I also took the opportunity to pick up some samples from Aesop while Mish did her quick drop in at Liberty - great for traveling next week when we head to Italia!

Some of my favourite colours and things in that colour - Nature Republic's Cherry Blossom hand cream has been on my dry hands non-stop, also a welcoming scent to remind me of sakura showers or a street in Seoul... Matt also brought home a random chocolate bar which I ain't complaining about either. And don't forget my cute Parfois bag (from Madrid) with the best 99p pom!

Most notably, I've been migrating around the office between desks and sitting right below the AC has dealt serious blows to my skin. But as fate has it (they knew) I had the wonderful pleasure of crossing paths with Charla, founder from Dames & Dimes. She so very kindly sent over a tub of unrefined shea body butter: creamy, gunky and smells absolutely lavish... Now, if you're anything of a green beauty junkie, you should be queueing up for this - this puts all the high end natural brands in Liberty to shame. Best used when the skin is slightly damp/after a shower, I've been using it for 4 days but have been enjoying it so much already. I take a pea-size amount and let it melt over my ~non-pale skin~ and it absorbs without feeling icky or oily... I can only see this as a win win. And if you're worried about it smelling too overpowering, it disappears as soon as you can 'wahey'! 

I'll probably be covering it in more detail when I decide to be productive and talk about some of my fave green beauty brands.... 

But seriously dude, as they described it, it truly is "200% awesome": lovingly handmade without any chemical baddies, rosehip oil for natural healing of scars and pigmentation, and even claims to 'pay your taxes' (don't trust me on this last one)... the underrated and self-praising humour adds to the charm of it all, being healthy doesn't mean being serious. Charla, if you're reading this - I'd love to meet you one day and ask you about your journey!

Switching gears drastically, we finally tried Kanada-Ya after watching Eye in the Sky (the international law student in me enjoyed it a lot) at their Panton Street outpost. The thick pork broth and the egg? Yep, approved. All made better not just with matcha ice cream but a mix of matcha and sesame! That'll keep my Japanese food cravings at bay for a while.... until next week.

I realise this isn't the sort of post I really write about but I hope you guys still like it - a more human look into what I actually get up to. Let me know what you think and if I should stop babbling about and focus on more outfit/fashion/travel posts?

Happy week ahead, my friends! Let's chat below, let me know how you are and what you did over the weekend!
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