Saturday, May 28, 2016

Is Double Denim Okay? | Boboli Gardens, Firenze

boboli gardens florence

Hell's yeah it's okay! And in fact - I love it with a passion. Especially in a city like Firenze, a mysterious and elusive temptress with her endless rolling hills and weaving alleyways... full of secret passages, and home to great Tuscan cuisine, the Medici family and birth of the Renaissance. It's the perfect city to brave fashion adventures and make it the next big trend.

boboli gardens florence

Greeted by hidden grottos decorated with intricate stalactites, the renaissance was a great era to be alive -- the grandeur and allure of it all to which we speak to devastation and desire is something we can only hope for the future. Gold was the emblem and gold was blood running in the veins of artists, the royals and the rich... 

My youth would have loved this vividly: remembering moments that came to live but can no longer.

boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florenceboboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence

Walking down Cypress alley leading up to The Isolotto, Ovid's words, although lightyears ago, pulses ... Perseus and Andromeda are but figures in poet's dreams so a question: how on earth can we love so deeply now when we have abandoned our past? Maybe that is how Blumenberg so many years later, theorised, that it is purely through sheer will and empowerment that we discard the disillusionment and thrive on modernity in ways that we hope to, but ultimately, do not understand. Our self-assertion is the only thing that remains eternal, but my love, like many others, have changed into

a bold and daring creature that overwhelms

boboli gardens florence
boboli gardens florence

Denim dress - Forever 21 (similar) / Denim jacket - Promod (similar) / Shoes - New Balance / Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

I'll keep this short and sweet, trying to take the backseat as we glide over the three-day long weekend. I hope everyone is well, and let me know what you're up to :-)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Curling Shoulder Length Hair

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review

My hair is as flat as my chest (which is pretty flat) – so I curl it almost on a daily basis (my hair, not my chest FYI). And it basically takes up majority of my 'get ready' routine in the morning, but no regrets y'all. Here's how I achieve near-fabulous hair in the most minimal time, and we all know how I love efficiency when it comes to getting ready/life/if I can chance at 10 mins of more sleep... 

BTW, you get a sneak peek into my 'dressing room' and major l o l because we forgot to change the calendar from April to May... 

Just look at that sad-looking and volumeless hair. Even I cringe. Dat sideway smile though. Feigning happiness outside but in the deepest of my souls, thinking... 'How can I change this?' 

To cut to the chase, I usually opt for my ever trusty Phillips flat straightener to curl my hair (I mean, it can do both curling and straightening #boss appliance) and it's been with me for the past 4 years. I've looked at countless tutorials on Youtube on reviews on many curling wands and how everyone's hair always look ahmayzing when they use it but hey, if my straightener ain't broke, why buy yet another electrical appliance huh? 

Things took on a nice turn though - Irresistible Me got in touch and was probably like 'this girl gon' need a proper curling tool' and that's what they did. I was offered to try out their Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand... So merci beaucoup for sending this my way, I've enjoyed trying it out and taking photos for everyone to behold :') 

Here's what I do to curl my hair: 

STEP ONE (+ ramble)

Pre-heat the wand to your desired temperature - it goes up to 230C and heats up in about 20 seconds (pretty swell) on the fancy Tourmaline infused ceramic barrel (electrons, anti-frizz = silky curls = yes) and you're good to go. And since it comes with eight barrels, you can go wild with it... 

Oh I totally forgot to say that the barrels also come in a nice pouch + glove too if you're scared of burning yourself. Impressed, so far. 

I used the reverse barrel on this occasion 25/13MM: 

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler ReviewIrresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review
Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review


Because my hair is still pretty short, I like gathering the top half in a clip and doing the bottom layer first. I'm not a pro at curlers at all, so I basically twist my hair in a fashion similar to what I see in photos I've googled/videos... 

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review
Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler ReviewIrresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review

I curl larger sections for looser curls and vice versa. My hair naturally flattens it out in the end so it doesn't matter but your hair could be different. Personally, I just like having the curls to accentuate ma face. 

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review


I let down my upper layer of hair and basically do the same thing. I don't really do different directions of curling (i.e. away from my head/inwards) because it doesn't make a difference for me but obviously you can do it! 

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler ReviewIrresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review
Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review
Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review

Pretty decent huh? Granted, I got a bit crazy and my hair went wild this particular day. Here's my slightly happier face post-curled hair: 

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review


I'll be honest, I felt like this curler took up more time than using my normal straightener. My usual routine is ~5-7 mins but this easily took 10 mins so I wasn't a fan to begin with. It could be that I'm not used to the entire process but I'd like to speed things up if I'm using this on the daily basis. Apart from that, I had minimal problems - save for that one day last week when the humidity were out of the roof and my curls died immediately after I left the house...

The curler itself is extremely lightweight - making it great for weak wrists like mine, oh and also traveling. The handle is plastic, which can appear tacky at times but I mean, if it works, it works. If you're not fussed about it looking extremely classy, then you're good to go. For me, this isn't really a focal point so I'm a happy clam so far.

The barrel options are endless - with the largest one being 32MM, if you have longer hair that's probably a good one for dreamy mermaid hair. But I barely have enough hair so... I have been trialling the 25MM for softer curls and enjoying the results too. There's also a crazy Pearl one but I have yet to ventured into that. I only have one head, okay?!

The LCD display is something I'm already used to in my Phillips straightener so I was glad to find this function on this one too.

If you're interested - Irresistible Me always have offers going on and they have great customer service as well. And this is #realtalk, you all know I don't lie when it comes to customer service and practical things in life. Also, while this was gifted in exchange for my thoughts, everything I've said so far 10/10 genuine. Just thought I'd put this out there ;-)

So my verdict? So good, so far! I'm getting better and using it quicker in the mornings as well. Here are some outtakes and happy faces:

Irresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler ReviewIrresistible Me 8 in 1 Curler Review

Do you have flat hair? Do you curl your hair? What's your favourite way - let's trade tips below!

P/S I'm home sick with vertigo and a fever, cheer me up with some random jokes. Have a good week ahead, friends!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Brunch at Pachamama

Wow another brunch post – you'd think I was made of gold or something. Thankfully we visited Pachamama in Marylebone when they had a 50% off mains offer (did you really think I would go otherwise?! l o l) to test the waters of this new and upcoming Peruvian-British-fusion-everything-these-days hideout in the chicest area in town. 

Anyway, before I start, I just want to say something about their bizarre booking system: I had booked a table through OpenTable and thought everything was a-ok, right? Nope. I got an email saying the restaurant tried calling me and that I didn't pick up (no such call) so they canceled my booking. Huff and puff moments later, I called up the restaurant myself to find out that they didn't know anything about it and the lady on the phone sounded fed-up with this issue (?) but could help me rebook it. Granted, they were probably busy with dealing with all these reservations because of the offer but it was a bit of a strange situation! 

Nonetheless, let's actually talk about the goods... 

We went for a 3pm slot as it was the only one available so I had to wait a long chunk of time in the morning and be careful not to overeat breakfast! Off we went... Pachamama is tucked right at the beginning of Marylebone high street, with a flair of mystery as I only glimpsed its elusive sign with staircase leading downwards into the restaurant.

Let me just say, I am diggin' the vibe and interior. The mismatched furniture, the oddity of certain objects (spot the horse?!), the aged wooden panelling and 70s lampshade were right down my alley. Y'all know I luv me some strangeness. It reminds you of your great aunt who would covet antiques and if she were to have a gallery space, Pachamama would be the jeunesse atelier it was held at...

For mains, we chose Pollo a la brasa - a half chicken goodness marinated in something we swore was fairy dust magic aka major yum yums. 10/10 on this, perfectly seasoned and the meat wasn't dry! (something a lot of places seem to fall at) Trust me on this, even Matt the picky eater loved it. Basically, if you like Nando's/chicken/delicious things duh and think it's heaven, you'll lahve this.

The other was the Suckling lamb leg which is marinated in something called aji panca and haucatay (exotic flavas peeps) and served with creme fraiche (defs not my thing) BUT it was very tender which I did enjoy and finish. The star of the show remained the chicken, of course.

Finally, we put our last orders in to the kitchen for the famous/must-try (apparently?) brunch waffles! From either quinoa or sweet potato (hey ho gluten free), you get to choose a sweet or savoury dish too. I went for the sweet after our two mains, and jumped shipped on the Peruvian chocolate, topped with toasted quinoa ice cream and petals... and cacao crumbs - adventurous much?

I can see all you blaggahs clamoring over this dish already. In fact, a few youtoobahs have already been and apparently love it. WELL I WAS HERE TOO OKAY.

Now, if you're a fan of the traditional butter and sugar batter waffles, this is nothing like it at all. Be prepared to have a very different palate experience. Being the token white person he is, Matt obviously didn't like it and deferred the entire dish to me. What a burden to carry, that was....

I have to say the quinoa ice cream was more like a mousse-jelly texture but very interesting. The waffle itself was another experience: crispy and slightly sweet, which I thought was actually very nice! It would've been nicer if I shared it with someone as I really couldn't finish it all myself. Go with someone food-adventurous ;-)

They do have other 'safer' options like English berries and peanut butter or bacon and fried chicken for the savoury waffles... take your pick my friends.

Like I said, the interior is far from minimalist Scandi and veers towards homely and rustic - the tassled lampshades at the bar is straight out from The Grand Budapest Hotel or something (one of my fave films, ever FYI) and the Iznik-inspired tiles are reminiscent of bygone times that you relive if only but for your brief but delicious meal. 

Bonus observation: some girl next to us had demanded requested to flat lay (YOU HEARD ME RIGHT) her entire meal on a long wooden table in the large area of the restaurant and spent half an hour arranging the plates... wow. She was probably one of those digital influencer types. True commitment that I could never have you guys. 

Well if you're ever about London town, venture down and check it out for yourself – I'd say ring up directly for your reservations since the online booking is a bit weird, enjoy the atmosphere and fill your tummies away! I'd go back for the chicken in the heartbeat and split a waffle with a friend the next time I head there :-) 

18 Thayer Street
+44 (0)20 7935 9393

Chat below of your interesting dining experience and let's have a good laugh about it wahoo! Happy Friday, friends! 

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