Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spring makeup with Sam from MyBeautyCloud

Hi friends, today I'll quit the talking and let my homegurl Sam from MyBeautyCloud do the profesh beauty talk on her take on spring makeup – my tendency to talk to strangers online have spawned into beautiful friendships :') Sam is super cool and living that Cali life so she knows what she's on about, okay?! And if you pop over her blog, show her all the lurve.

We've been werkin hard on this collab so you can head over to see my completely awkward makeup talk as well, so let us know what you think!

Cue the symbolic drum roll...

spring makeup look
I know it sounds cliche just to even mention it, but can anybody believe that we’re almost halfway through the year? Yeah, crazy, I know.

And I also know that it means spring is coming to a close as summer approaches, but I couldn’t help but NOT share a spring look with ya’ll before all the beach vibes and dewy makeup looks come out. #nomakeupmakeup?

With my spring makeup, I went for a light, feminine look in the most obvious way possibly - utilizing Ametista, the pink and Tempesta, the purple from my 24 Karat Skate Deck Tokidoki eyeshadow palette.

This look is actually quite nostalgic for me because it used to be my go-to look in high school whenever I wore a certain shirt. I got some compliments too, which just reinforced how much I enjoyed this look.

To start off, I do my normal foundation routine which just includes my TonyMoly Egg Pore Primer and my Almay foundation. I know for spring usually calls for a lighter coverage or even a glow, but I haven’t quite found the products that will do that for me, so I stick with what I know.

The bigger part for me is the eyes! I’m usually not a person to go for colored eyeshadows because they seem so… bold. However, the pink and purple from this are fairly buildable and I don’t think it’s going over the top at all. ;P

Because I don’t use an eyeshadow primer, I go straight towards the pink with a big fluffy brush to cover my entire lid. Then, with a smaller blending brush I use the purple on the edge of my eyelid, like creating a smoky look but with more feminine colors.

To finish them up, I pick up my L’Oreal Super Slim liquid eyeliner to create a long cateye, a style I’ve been getting into more recently. I find the L’Oreal Super Slim an awesome drugstore option as opposed to the Sephora Classic Line 24-Hour eyeliner, the biggest difference being that I don’t think it’ll work well on oily skin/eyelids (I have dry skin so it’s not a big deal). Unless you have a bomb primer to keep it in place, it could get smudgy if you’re prone to oily lids.
  spring makeup look
I usually skip the mascara (not on purpose) but you really can’t see my eyelashes anyway so....

Instead of doing a full-on contour, I mainly stuck to highlighting for this look when it came to the rest of my face. I like using my Carnivora eyeshadow as I love the color and it’s pigmented enough, but I recently picked up the e.l.f. Baked Highlighter which is a gorgeous color, just not as pigmented as I’d want it to be, nor as buildable (but hey, when it’s only $3 you can’t complain).

Aaaand, to finish this look off, I used my Maybelline lipstick in Blushing Bud (see, even the name calls out for this time of year) that I recently picked up. It looks darker in the tube but when you put it on it’s more like a pale pink, which I thought was very suitable for the spring time!
  spring makeup look
That’s pretty much it - my spring makeup look!
  spring makeup look
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