Sunday, June 12, 2016

You Whom I Love (I)

You Whom I Love is my new (and feeble) attempt to celebrate little joys, commiserate with the Big Questions, and share the love and ideas of others -- posts, pictures or interesting things that's made life that bit more bearable.

Last week was a difficult one, I was very ill and had to make a detour to the hospital (I'm fine now!) and spent a lot of time trying to recover and work was technically challenging (especially when you're terrible at maths like me = excel hell) so it was a long, exasperated week.

When you spend a lot of time in your head (and bed), it's stifling and uninspiring. For all the melodrama that I hold dear, You Whom I Love seemed fitting - dramatic, melancholic and perhaps uplifting.

Here are just some interesting things that helped me get through a long, long week:

+ Finally well enough to drop by The Travel Cafe for a rainy drink yesterday 

Our neighborhood café is finally open! It's cute and have super cool chairs, with books and games on the shelf... great for long thoughts or quick coffee. It's definitely the most stylish addition to the area, with others being more modern and industrial. Looking forward to watching this little space grow~

+ Highlight of the week: meeting Mish for lunch at Seoul Bakery and traveled to a magical place that is The House of Minalima

seoul bakery london
seoul bakery london
seoul bakery london
seoul bakery london

We ordered way too much, but it was a hilarious time spent talking about Asian food, strange friends and moments in life, yum. She's a cool kid, y'all. Also has way too many things in life, but really awesome things.

We walked off all that rice by venturing into a magical portal, where the unassuming streets of scaffolding hid one of Soho's newest, and greatest treasure: where every Harry Potter maven goes to play pretend (but this is real life, isn't it?) in the wonderful oddity of Minalima...A Harry Potter exhibition with props and illustrations from the franchise! Amazing.

Only a few snaps as I'll include a full-length commentary later in the week ;-) Matt has convinced me to return very soon as he totally geeked out as I told him about our time there.

house of minalima harry potter london
house of minalima harry potter london
house of minalima harry potter london
cutter and squidge hello kitty afternoon tea london

Other things I really enjoyed:

+ Reading Alex's post on getting lost in life but gradually finding your way back slowly - a reminder that we are all brave in our own ways
+ Discovering Flora's blog and reading about the musings that I can't quite put into words (or no longer being able to, sadly) makes me feel that much less lonely
+ Hanh's awesome pastel outfit is some serious color inspiration for the more sunny (but humid) climes we've been having
+ My friend Lilly who's a legit writer, shared a moment and how we relate to someone close to us in the most inexplicable way 

As you can tell, lots of reading and rediscovering smaller moments in life and trying to make sense of it all... hope y'all had a nice weekend, let me know what you've been up to! I'm really excited to travel home in two weeks and the stress of packing has begun ;-)
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