Monday, July 25, 2016

Buying the hype: The Off-Shoulder Dress

You know the hype: the whole off-shoulder Zara dress that bloggahs laaarve, except this isn't from Zara 'cause I'm cool. Plus with this week's scandal that popped up, I won't be shopping from there for a while.

This rose and floral embroidered number is actually from Åland, a Korean store selling different brands famed for their trendy and hip pieces. And we all know how much for a trendsetter and hip person I am, right? RIGHT?! This is actually a really floaty piece, more so than the blue one from ASOS which is a firm fashion bloggah fave.

Over the weekend, we chilled out at Carnaby Street's #StreetEat with some friends, got some ice cream and celebrated a friend's birthday over drinks in Islington. Now that's a trendy neighborhood.

I guess this post isn't worth much save for the fact that I need to ridicule myself on how I bought into the hype of buying this dress. I mean, I like it because it accentuates the shoulders and is incredibly fun to wear during the summer but next year's trend is going to be something like stomach cut-outs or something ya know...

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, but let me know if you've suckered yourself into buying into a trend too???? I promise that the travel posts and photos are incoming, editing them is a pain when you have 2 weeks' worth of pictures to sift through!
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