Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Have Hipster Glasses

I started wearing glasses when I was about 9 years old – these ostentatiously pink rounded frames on my very very tiny round face, I probably look like I was a mega nerd (I probably was) and went around thinking I was cool... Years passed, and I wore contact lenses and learnt the horrible struggles of dry eyes that come with it, especially in the office.

This is why I love me a pair of comfortable and stylish glasses...

These new tortoiseshell (yeah I'm so fashun-able, right?!) ones are from GlassesShop and kindly gifted to me, another one of those e-retailers floating around these days. I'm usually quite skeptical because you never know if you're shopping from a legit seller, especially with prescription glasses! You can also go wild with prescription sunglasses so your options are literally endless.

When I received my glasses, it turned out alright and everyone thinks I look stylish so I guess it worked out well in the end ;-) They have plastic lenses in, which is far lighter than the glass ones I used to wear as a child. Those nose bridge marks were unforgiving. I was such a cool kid, I know.

Anyway, embarrassing childhood stories aside, these new pair are my new hipster glasses.... I can go to Shoreditch and drink craft beer now and make friends with maaahdels right?

And they were easy enough to order - get your prescription and type it into the system after selecting your most desired pair (but make sure you know the numbers, I've had to re-do mine because I gave a long-sighted vision instead of short-sight). They also have a wide range of glasses frame so I spent ages choosing the right one and you know what they say... no ragrets.

I have nothing much to add except I really like how they look - I've always wanted these styles but could never find a pair that fit my petite face... so these are great to get into the swing of things. I would've liked the lens to be thinner but I was given the default option, but other than that, it's going great. I've had them for about two months now, which is just enough moulding in time and share my thoughts... Considering my veteran years of being shore sighted, these were a pair of pretty cheap glasses too (and I have raked up $$$ in being semi-blind let me assure you), and the azn in me approves.

Happy weekend folks, promise the next post will be far more interesting ha! Tell me how your week was, mine was way too busy at work and we spent a few late nights working and I really need to rest over the weekend...

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