Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Whom I Love (II)

August was extremely tiring and exhausting in all aspects of life, and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be where I am in my circumstances and should be grateful of what I am able to do everyday, with what I've been given. So here is another entry in my You Whom I love series, where I recollect moments, people and things that I love and share them with you. If you missed my previous one, you can read it here!

☆ Tsujiri Matcha Soft Serve

Ice cream makes me happy, matcha ice cream makes me tripl-ey (?) happy. Tsujiri does a great simple soft serve, with interesting toppings like a dollop of red bean and chestnuts. I have, however, since discovered the magic that is Milk Train Café with the to-die-for Hojicha soft serve.

47 Rupert Street

☆ Brunch with bloggah frans friends at L'eto Cafe

Fii popped down for an event but we had some time to catch up and grab lunch at one my fave Soho gems (I have many l ol) - L'eto Cafe. I first discovered it because I was looking for good honey cake (the Czech kind, after I went to Prague and fell in love with it) but they serve a variety of brunch meals, juices, and teas!

I went for the Asian fare: topped with pan fried shiitake mushrooms and yuzu dressing on seaweed, it was a yummy meal :-) plus Fii told me great stories....

L'eto Cafe
155 Wardour Street

☆ My stationery box 

When in doubt or in times of sadness, I open up my stationery box full of goodies (like everyone else, I do love me some pretty stickers and notepads (at a good value tho) (did you like this double bracket lol i am so weird))). This is a part of my haul from Seoul because I love everything there and they're incredibly cute, just look at those Moomin stickers will you?!

They also didn't cost me an arm and a leg *cough Kikki K cough*

☆ Fifi Lapin phonecase c/o Iconemesis

As you might've seen on my Instagram, my work phone is a jarring plasticky green (I didn't get a choice okay) and I've been meaning to get a case to cover it up for ages. Lo and behold, a beautiful and stylish one dropped from heavens Iconemesis and I love it! It's very me - the ~parisian bunny vibes~ and the pastel colours, not to mention that it gives me work wear inspiration. Boom. I killed two birds with one stone. Except I don't kill birds because that would be cruel.

It's a metaphor, okay.

Also how cute is my Brown bear plushie :') he was on sale in the Line Friends store!

☆ Enjoying the weekends 

Fact: I have trouble enjoying on the weekends. I get stressed out Monday-Friday from the sheer uselessness of my work laptop which crashes my program every half hour and then will spend Saturday morning cleaning, then try to get as much time as possible afterward 'enjoying' my weekend but it always feels too rushed, too forced.

This bank holiday weekend was a much needed break, and I could take a breath, enjoy the sunshine and walk around town without worrying whether I needed to prep lunch for work, or hurry to finish up the ironing (I do, but extra time is good eh?)...

Our BBQ Ribs + Lobster outfit: loose so I could cramp as much food as I could in 1.5 hours. It was a good meal. Matt bought me out for lunch because I'm heading off for a work getaway till Wednesday!

Finally - our trip to Dalloway Terrace yesterday for a lovely afternoon tea! I loved it, the atmosphere and ambience was very picturesque and its semi-secret location was great because it meant it wasn't crowded with lots of noise or people... Pictures to come soon, but have a sneak peek on my insta ;-)

I've been trying to keep up with blogs and written things and here are some of the stars:

☆ Sarah has written yet another great story post, about our presence online and the influence of internet in our lives
☆ Nat's first post on her amazing trip to Mongolia and absolutely can't wait to read more
☆ So proud of Matt and his article being published in The Times last Saturday
☆ Katie's photos on Paris are infectious and her photos are a joy to look at

What/who have you been loving recently, share your stories and hope you are all having a great week ahead...
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