Saturday, October 15, 2016

Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace

Morning all! As promised, this post is a treat - an afternoon tea review and wonderful time at Dalloway Terrace.

An oasis of sorts

Nestled just behind the busy Tottenham Court Road, I found it by chance when I was busy buying kimbap/김밥 (lol) on the corner of the street... After some researching at home at the intriguing yet inviting façade that is Dalloway Terrace, we made ourselves a reservation!

It was a special treat since we don't usually go cray cray for Afternoon Tea (I mean, it is just sandwiches, scones and tea right?!) so we were crossing our fingers that this better be worth it. And it was!

Clearly a namesake for Virginia Woolf's eponymous character, it reunites old-time British heritage with renewed modernity, a place of oasis and 21st century relaxation. It's not a secret member's club, and more like a long-lost friend you're eager to meet.

(wow did I just write that?)

I was a bit nervous because I have had varied experience with 'fancier' places where I feel out of place because everyone dining or serving make a big deal out of everything, but thank goodness this was nothing like that! It was filled with diners coming in for casual lunch, popping in after their shopping... a very laidback affair and if you're anything like me (aka supah chill) then you'll love it.

Service was great – friendly and not intrusive, and accommodated my many attempts of photo-taking. A big A++ for them was my request for a non-dairy Afternoon Tea set (if you read my Yorica post you know what I'm on about tl;dr I'm lactose intolerant) on the spot! I was very impressed they were able to provide substitute scones which tasted as good! ;-)

A hidden gem and delicious treats

We started off with the savoury: the traditional fare of smoked salmon, ham, cucumber... bread was good and not too dry, always a plus in the books. Equally, the best thing and the highlight of the tea were the warm and melt-in-your-mouth scones! Like I said, my dairy-free ones tasted like the real deal without compromising taste. One raisin and one plain, plenty to go round in your tummy I'd say!

We paired our food with a wide selection of teas: I went for a nice white tea, and Matt stayed loyal to British tradition (black tea) which were both brewed very nicely, not too heavy to taste nor bitter at all.


A dreamy garden

Dalloway Terrace is the secret garden terrace you wished you could afford if London has more square footage to give out – beautiful rattan chairs and cushions against an overgrown leafy brick wall is its signature charm. The light floods in overhead and from everywhere, and in late summer everyone was sporting a healthy summer glow. One of those Gatsby evenings you know?! The awnings were a blend of modern and reminiscent of the 1930s (or I could be making it up idk guys) which were a dream to sit under...

To finish, our desserts were a mix selection of chocolate cake, panna cotta and cheesecake. We loved them all but couldn't finish them so took them away for later that day...

In all, a fantabulous time and we enjoyed every bit of it! It's worth visiting for a special treat, date or ~cool~ place with friends :-) They also do Weekend Brunch, lunch and dinner so go wild my friends! Let me what you think of these photos, they were so fun to photograph!

Dalloway Terrace
16-22 Great Russell St
(Book online here)

Also help on what I should write about next: fashion and its perils or a travel post?!
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