Monday, October 31, 2016

My Big Fat Korean Snack Haul

After the sombre(ish) tone of the previous post, I thought I'd change gears and bring you a totally unrelated and fun one – I finally got round to taking photos of my Korean snacks (so I can eat them) but here they are curated in a nice pleasing ~aesthetic~ 'cause I can...

I'll walk you through to the best of my ability but my Hangul reading skills are like 2/10 at the moment, so it'll be a guess for me too!

The entire spread that I managed to stuffed into my luggage... 

The Chips 

I like my chips (yes, I say chips not crisps so sue me) to be non-traditional aka not potato sliced, so these are definitely perfect for me. Clockwise from top: honey flavoured and oblong shaped munchies, extra 'spicy' penne looking chip aka Crazy Ddeokbokki which isn't so spicy as I tried it while I was in Seoul, and a pack of itty bitty ones just for fun snacking.

The Biscuits 

Lo and behold, the sweet darlings of the pile. Half of it is Lotte because I went to Lotte Mall, so... an assortment of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pillows and some green tea biskies. The thing I love about Asian biscuits is that they don't have that jarring sugary taste, even though it's probably 100% chocolate and 200% sugar. If so, that may be the best marketing ploy ever.

The Pepero's 

Well, two of them are Pepero in Blueberry Yogurt and Classic Chocolate. The other is a Pepero special, with a strawberries and cream dip (like d uh why am I pointing out the obvious when all I did was look at the cover). Just FYI, Pepero is the Korean equivalent of Pocky! The last one is actually a vanilla wafer, and it brings back so many fond memories because I used to snack on Loacker strawberry wafers as a child. Anyone else?

The Miscellaneous 

Here we have the un-categorisable items... An extra adorable Moomin special green tea flavored sponge cake (yum), some Oreo's thins (oh-ri-yo ssin-ji) and a seemingly explosive chocolate rice krispies. I mean I don't even like normal rice crispies here because they are too sweet but I have faith these will actually be good.

And that was short and sweet, wasn't it? Let me know if you've tried any of these and what else are nice and your favourite snacks?!?! SNEKKERS UNITE!

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