Sunday, October 9, 2016

An Ode to Late Summer: Three Floor Love Affair

Hiya folks! It's been a while hasn't it? Work is supremely busy at the moment, and I am usually exhausted on the weekdays and the weekends are spent finishing up chores I couldn't do in the week. Hey ho, this is a ode to the truly over summer (wipes tears) and before everything starts plummeting into chaotic and blustery autumn-winter.

Enter Three Floor – I've had this awesome little number for over 2 years now, never photographed properly but every time I wear it it gives me happy feelings. I nabbed this one in the winter sale on ASOS (gem!) and it's just everything I love in a fabric: pleats (#1 fave duh), scalloped hem for a feminine touch, the deep blue for the deep thrusting neckline ;-) and of course their signature flesh-coloured panelling...

You can tell my love for this brand: hence I wore it out to Dalloway Terrace for afternoon tea, in celebration of our very belated two years of being together. Some pictures for your and my viewing pleasure, in reminiscent of late summer.

The leaves were almost-turning, but not quite yet - fighting for the last bits of green lush. It was drizzly too, and the weather was a confused pot of warmth, stickly and romantic. The thing about late summer is that the afternoon light is never predictable, always darting between lovers' hands, footsteps, or the eyes of a crowd. 

Everything remains a wistful silent, and if your love sticks around this long, I hope it shall last. 

{My shoes were a blogger cult craze: the Zara heels circa 2014 and it was sold out everywhere. But I bought it before that happened. So I guess I was always ahead of the curve... My string choker were 50p from Aliexpress because I would never fork out £7 for one from Topshop (I'm sorry but I also really dislike Arcadia Group). The look is always finished by a demure bag and mine is from Coach, a gift from my mama when she was in North 'Murica where Coach is significantly cheaper.}

(Dress - Three Floor / Shoes - Zara / Bag - Coach / Choker - Aliexpress)

Next post up is hopefully what I thought about the afternoon tea at Dalloway Terrace ^___^ how are your weekends looking, let's catch up! 
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