Saturday, December 24, 2016

You Whom I Love (III): Birthday Edition

Happy holidays to one and all and happy birthday to good ol' me – as I conquer another year, always misplaced at the busiest holiday season. Retreating quietly behind the scenes, I generally spend the day just not doing anything and zoning out, and trying to find some joy amidst the stress that every holiday season brings.

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Nonetheless, I count my lucky stars this year for getting a new (and my first!) job in London, meaning I get to stay in this city that I've become so familiar with for the last six (wow) years.

I've met wonderful people over the course of this year, and inspired by my friend Hanh (she's awesome and laughs at my lame jokes lol), I too wanted to spread the love and say how thankful I am to have spoken to so many resilient and passionate individuals, some of which are now real life pals. Plus you put up with my incessantly weird and inane comments... You should say hi to them and told them I sent them your way!

❊ Thanks Mish for that bonding sesh over Harry Potter and all Korean-related things that started it all, and a Seoul bloggah trip should definitely happen <3
Fii is a precious one and her energy is infectious! 화이팅!
❊ The real-life goddess that is Jess (even though I've only met you once!) and if you read anything, her US road trip is dreeeeamy~
❊ Another sista across the globe is May and her whacky, poetic and damn beautiful antics: everything she writes seems like magic and reminds me of my younger self, so full of life... and words.
❊ Read Nat's journey to incredible Mongolia, and her very honest experiences about the trip and some amazing photos.
❊ Of course, we have Rhi who's a kindred spirit and tough gal, and I hope 2017 is an amazing start for you!
❊ I live through Alyse's posts on her various trips around great American cities: her latest Chicago winter post looks absolute delightful!
Vicky, Jennifer, Sarah, Alex - all of whom cheer me up on my late nights whenever a new posts pops up in my feed. (Plus Alex's late summer wedding was an absolute treat to read, not to mention all the pre-wedding prep that she documented that I was totally *not* stalking on instagram)
❊ Vanessa is an OG homie so she needs no mention. DOPE.


Getting a new mattress before the year ended which came with a super cute sheep toy ^_^

And of course, to Matt who's been through some of the wildest phases of my life as I battle through unemployment, possibly getting kicked outta the country and finally my all-round crazies and all things bizarre!

I hope everyone is having a restful and relaxing holiday break – we're off to Ireland for a bit of post-Christmas wandering, catch you after!

What are your celebrations (small or big) of the year? :)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Christmas Glow Getters with Aurelia Skincare

"A pre-birthday treat...
The week is upon us – mulled wine, myrrh and frankincense, the smell of pine in your living room... and the prettiest box of skincare which smells like heaven. Looming ahead on Christmas eve is my big 2-5 (ha ha),  so I though it was only fair that I bought something to celebrate before we get all caught up in the celebrations.

There's nothing quite like untying the prettiest ribbon in a sleek box... 

I've heard so much about Aurelia previously from the #greenbeauty gals (thanks Weng) and have been wanting to try it out for the longest time. I had picked up a few samples (including the cult fave Miracle cleanser) from Liberty a month or two ago and have been loving it for my 'time-of-the-month' skin! 

Aurelia had some nifty Christmas giftsets and I casually dropped the Brighten Collection into my shopping cart one night after a hectic day of work... I thought it'd be the perfect starter kit to the brand, which includes the Miracle Cleanser (3ml), Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser (60ml) and a travel size of the Brightening Botanical Essence (10ml) which is their latest addition. 

I've only tried the Miracle Cleanser so far but I'm hooked. And here's the miracle: it smells like eucalyptus, with a lovely blend of bergamot and rosemary, making it great as an antibacterial ingredient and soothing angry skin. I find it works most effectively when I use it where my face has more redness than usual, and slightly more agitated. It calms and soothes like no other, and gives you that warmth and radiant ~glow~ ready for your day.

It reminds me a lot of COSRX's low pH Good Morning cleanser (what I think to be the Aurelia dupe with very similar ingredients and scent and a much lower price tag) but Aurelia cleanser is definitely more luxurious as it's much creamier, and slightly more moisturising after washing.

If anything, it's a lifesaver this week as I battle the angry uprise of spots, sadly all before Christmas. Thankfully, post-cleansing, my face definitely feels less red and irritated. I tend to use this in the morning, before jumping into my morning routine :-) it comes with a muslin cloth but I like to massage it before rinsing without warm water when I've got less time.

If you ever need a star product for that Christmas party glow, the Miracle Cleanser have got your skin covered.

If you're interested, definitely pop by Liberty or Space NK for a sample before you commit...

The Day Moisturiser should come in handy as well (I've not tried it yet but it looks very promising) - where Aurelia's namesake of fusing the power of probiotics and flower essence shine, I'm very excited to be using this when we're off for our post-Christmas Irish (lol) holiday!

I loved all the little touches they added to the package too, and you know a brand goes an extra mile when there's a handwritten note that comes with it. It sure made me feel all fuzzy inside, even if I don't feel 100% Christmassy yet!

(100% not a sponsored post... Aurelia I love you now)

If you're looking for *the* last minute Christmas gift, head on over to Aurelia's site by tomorrow (22 Dec) noon to cop some treats for yourself or someone special :-)

Psst, Aurelia is also cruelty-free if you're wondering.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The BB Cream That Feels and Looks Like Skin

Hands up for glowy and healthy complexion? Holiday season beckons for late night boogies, drinking and lots and lots of partying... And our common enemy being winter's dry and chapped lips, redness from blustery winds, and all that boring irritable stuff.

But when you're partying, you want to look good. ~REAL GOOD~.

(Before that let's take a LOL moment to look at that composition with WSJ in the background, me tryna be all ~intellectual~ and shiz.)

Anyway, stage right enter the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Cream. After a delightful facial session at Omorovicza at Liberty (which I briefly talked about here, and would highly recommend), I was given a few samples which included this BB Cream to try out.

After one week of trial, I was sold! I also got the full bottle. And you know I don't get sold easily 'cause yo girl is skeptical af.

It has a smooth, creamy texture which glides over your skin, covering any redness or dry patches to even out the skin tone. I used this when I was suffering from a hysterical skin breakout and it managed to cover it ~thank the Hungarian heavens~.

It contains SPF 20 and doubles up as a sunscreen, and also excludes synthetic ingredients as this brand is known for. Zinc is on the list, which calms redness and irritation of the skin. The cult-ness of this product which makes them the mothereffin' BB cream queen is that it is silicone free – silicones gives you that smooth and soft feeling that most products have, it's also semi-occlusive which means it is more prone to accumulate in layers, requiring more effort when it comes to removing and cleansing. Some silicones are also not water-soluble, so if you're in a hurry and don't cleanse well... we all know how that goes. Silicones also takes too long to degrade, which isn't all that great for Mother Nature, if you think about it.

And plus, when you wanna partay all night long, who wants to spend 20 mins taking makeup off?!

As you can see, while there are still mild redness on my forehead, the coverage is even and silky smooth. Probably not like a baby's bum, but let's say 70% of it. Good enough for me.

This lil thang don't come cheap at £80 but I redeemed it against the facial at Omorovicza (yeeee son) so you get a treatment which comes with the product which I think will make it worth your while.

While a luxury item, it's one that definitely goes a long way - I've had mine for about 2 months now and it'll probably last me through to next year :-)

What's your favourite BB creams/luxury makeup?

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Cutest Stocking Fillers Under £10

Who knew I'd be the one saying Christmas is here?! And we all know gifts are not the most pocket-friendly... but cue these adorable items that are worth the penny and won't starve you for the entire month of January. If I celebrated Christmas, these are some of the things I'd love to see in my Christmas Stocking :-)

(PSA: despite my Christmas eve birthday I'm the least Christmassy person ever/I never grew up celebrating it)

I casually sauntered into the Fresh store in Covent Garden one evening and left with a set of 7 lip tints! After some intense calculations (cue my thinking face), one of these will set you back for less than £6 for 7 of your bestest friends. I've loved using these for the past two weeks, especially with winter – balm and tint in one is my one true love.

They smell gorgeous, and come in the prettiest colours. My favourites so far are Poppy, Fig and Petal!

P/S the staff in the Fresh CG store are also equally lovely, and I spent a great deal of time in there just testing out some cool products :-)

The holiday season can go both ways: glamorous or the laidback kind where you veg out after a full and satisfying meal... either way doing my lashes have never been easier with this magical potion. I've raved about this before so many times and my love for #kbeauty continues it reign.  

They lengthen and really make my ~very very~ small eyes look ~less~ small so it's definitely a big deal for me. I was dubious at first, but man, this is the one, guys. 

For sure a life-saver for my non-existent lashes, so think about what it can do with you lash-lucky peeps? 

I realise this is a bit of a cheat one since I said it was free but it's because it's a counter sample! Perfect for those who don't want to commit to a £48 price tag, it's a great complimentary product which you can get at any Omorovicza store as a trial. It's a mini version of the full size product, but has all the same luxury packaging: glass body, screw cap, and it smells delightful~ 

Your friends will think you've splashed the cash with this, over that £3 hand cream you were going to get instead from Boots. 

I recently had a facial done at Liberty by Omorovicza (and would highly recommend, and also redeemable against their products after it #wishIwaspaidforthis) and they used this during the session. The supercombo of Hungarian Moor mud purifies the skin, while Sweet Almond Oil replenishes and moisturises the skin. 

Speaking of which, I need to pick up some for myself soon... 

I obviously saved the best for last - are these not the cutest things ever?! Firstly, if you know what LINE Friends is (if you don't you should Google it now - actually lmgtfy) you'll love this. Brown, Cony and Sally on a sheet mask?! I died with cuteness. These sheet masks have been making its way round the AB community and so what better way to pop these goodies into a stocking? 

Secondly, and more seriously, the usual suspects are all lined up: hyaluronic acid, ceramides and witch hazel... all the golden ingredients for that post-Turkey feast eh? I got mine from TK Maxx (of all places) but you can get them from Amazon in the link above too :-) 

A photo posted by Cherie (@delicately) on

A flower crown for all season - because I don't advocate for all black during winter. It's a great complementary accessory for the full black velvet co-ord you're planning on donning, or just brightens up your day when flowers are scarce in the winter / too expensive to buy weekly *cough bloggers cough*. 

Also I'll have you know that I truly believe my flower crown was the reason we got served a free glass of beer too, it's a total showstopper. In a subtle, cool b0$$ way. 

Let me know what you're planning on filling up in your Christmas stockings! 
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