Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Christmas Glow Getters with Aurelia Skincare

"A pre-birthday treat...
The week is upon us – mulled wine, myrrh and frankincense, the smell of pine in your living room... and the prettiest box of skincare which smells like heaven. Looming ahead on Christmas eve is my big 2-5 (ha ha),  so I though it was only fair that I bought something to celebrate before we get all caught up in the celebrations.

There's nothing quite like untying the prettiest ribbon in a sleek box... 

I've heard so much about Aurelia previously from the #greenbeauty gals (thanks Weng) and have been wanting to try it out for the longest time. I had picked up a few samples (including the cult fave Miracle cleanser) from Liberty a month or two ago and have been loving it for my 'time-of-the-month' skin! 

Aurelia had some nifty Christmas giftsets and I casually dropped the Brighten Collection into my shopping cart one night after a hectic day of work... I thought it'd be the perfect starter kit to the brand, which includes the Miracle Cleanser (3ml), Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser (60ml) and a travel size of the Brightening Botanical Essence (10ml) which is their latest addition. 

I've only tried the Miracle Cleanser so far but I'm hooked. And here's the miracle: it smells like eucalyptus, with a lovely blend of bergamot and rosemary, making it great as an antibacterial ingredient and soothing angry skin. I find it works most effectively when I use it where my face has more redness than usual, and slightly more agitated. It calms and soothes like no other, and gives you that warmth and radiant ~glow~ ready for your day.

It reminds me a lot of COSRX's low pH Good Morning cleanser (what I think to be the Aurelia dupe with very similar ingredients and scent and a much lower price tag) but Aurelia cleanser is definitely more luxurious as it's much creamier, and slightly more moisturising after washing.

If anything, it's a lifesaver this week as I battle the angry uprise of spots, sadly all before Christmas. Thankfully, post-cleansing, my face definitely feels less red and irritated. I tend to use this in the morning, before jumping into my morning routine :-) it comes with a muslin cloth but I like to massage it before rinsing without warm water when I've got less time.

If you ever need a star product for that Christmas party glow, the Miracle Cleanser have got your skin covered.

If you're interested, definitely pop by Liberty or Space NK for a sample before you commit...

The Day Moisturiser should come in handy as well (I've not tried it yet but it looks very promising) - where Aurelia's namesake of fusing the power of probiotics and flower essence shine, I'm very excited to be using this when we're off for our post-Christmas Irish (lol) holiday!

I loved all the little touches they added to the package too, and you know a brand goes an extra mile when there's a handwritten note that comes with it. It sure made me feel all fuzzy inside, even if I don't feel 100% Christmassy yet!

(100% not a sponsored post... Aurelia I love you now)

If you're looking for *the* last minute Christmas gift, head on over to Aurelia's site by tomorrow (22 Dec) noon to cop some treats for yourself or someone special :-)

Psst, Aurelia is also cruelty-free if you're wondering.
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