Saturday, December 24, 2016

You Whom I Love (III): Birthday Edition

Happy holidays to one and all and happy birthday to good ol' me – as I conquer another year, always misplaced at the busiest holiday season. Retreating quietly behind the scenes, I generally spend the day just not doing anything and zoning out, and trying to find some joy amidst the stress that every holiday season brings.

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Nonetheless, I count my lucky stars this year for getting a new (and my first!) job in London, meaning I get to stay in this city that I've become so familiar with for the last six (wow) years.

I've met wonderful people over the course of this year, and inspired by my friend Hanh (she's awesome and laughs at my lame jokes lol), I too wanted to spread the love and say how thankful I am to have spoken to so many resilient and passionate individuals, some of which are now real life pals. Plus you put up with my incessantly weird and inane comments... You should say hi to them and told them I sent them your way!

❊ Thanks Mish for that bonding sesh over Harry Potter and all Korean-related things that started it all, and a Seoul bloggah trip should definitely happen <3
Fii is a precious one and her energy is infectious! 화이팅!
❊ The real-life goddess that is Jess (even though I've only met you once!) and if you read anything, her US road trip is dreeeeamy~
❊ Another sista across the globe is May and her whacky, poetic and damn beautiful antics: everything she writes seems like magic and reminds me of my younger self, so full of life... and words.
❊ Read Nat's journey to incredible Mongolia, and her very honest experiences about the trip and some amazing photos.
❊ Of course, we have Rhi who's a kindred spirit and tough gal, and I hope 2017 is an amazing start for you!
❊ I live through Alyse's posts on her various trips around great American cities: her latest Chicago winter post looks absolute delightful!
Vicky, Jennifer, Sarah, Alex - all of whom cheer me up on my late nights whenever a new posts pops up in my feed. (Plus Alex's late summer wedding was an absolute treat to read, not to mention all the pre-wedding prep that she documented that I was totally *not* stalking on instagram)
❊ Vanessa is an OG homie so she needs no mention. DOPE.


Getting a new mattress before the year ended which came with a super cute sheep toy ^_^

And of course, to Matt who's been through some of the wildest phases of my life as I battle through unemployment, possibly getting kicked outta the country and finally my all-round crazies and all things bizarre!

I hope everyone is having a restful and relaxing holiday break – we're off to Ireland for a bit of post-Christmas wandering, catch you after!

What are your celebrations (small or big) of the year? :)
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