Sunday, January 8, 2017

Decisions for 2017

Note that I said decisions rather than 'resolutions' because it feels like I already made up my mind to take action on these (ha how likely we shall see). I don't really buy into the whole 'new year, new me' because I believe some things are harder to resolve and more complicated that one person can ever understand *cue mystery*.

Nonetheless, I wanted to lay down some important reminders for the days when it gets hard to get through and remember what's important underneath it all.


Originally I had in my head to 'Be Brave' but I think I'm a brave person regardless, and what I need to do is to be less afraid. There's so much I want to achieve professionally and I feel like if I just be less afraid and speak my mind more, I can get that much closer to feeling more fulfilled. I also realise this is such an 'adult' decision, but it's something I really want to try.

I've learnt a great deal since starting work, and I think that it's a good reminder to have for hopefully greater and more exciting challenges!


I try to think that I act with good intentions most of the times but in midst of everyday life, it's so easy to just think about yourself and think you can get away with being selfish even for little moments. There's so much behind someone's physical presence, and I try not to make judgments based on a 30 second scroll through of their Instagram grid or Twitter profile. 

Most of all, I want to prioritise being compassionate to everyone close to me, and just be a cool and supportive gal, you know? I don't want getting older mean getting less connected with anyone around me. 


This year should be, like every year, a year of adventures! This calls for more travel to new places and new people so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get some good plans lined up soon. I always get big travel withdrawal this time of the year so maybe I'll have a peek at holidays soon. Weekend getaway suggestions anyone? 

I have such a long travel list it ain't even funny, but we gotta keep it realistic, don't we?


There's apparently a line in Blonote (apparently because I don't have the book yet) that says: "Being happy first requires you to be", and after many tumultuous years of feeling depressed and stressed out, I find that life becomes more interesting when I spend more time focusing on getting better emotionally than holding on to things I cannot have the power to change. I used to feel the immense weight of guilt and regret (I think these are the worse feelings you can ever have) and realised that I didn't need to carry the burden of others to feel happy. 

Open hearts, open minds! 

And that's it! We've just returned from the amazing Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland where the first 3 photos in the post were taken (see my Insta for more) and hopefully I can share some really really wonderful pictures with you soon :-) 
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