Monday, January 16, 2017

Dingle – Shangri-La of the Wild Atlantic Way

According to the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine, Dingle is often called the Shangri-La of the Wild Atlantic Way because of the mix of rugged and brutal coastline, paired with the saccharine colours of the town.

"There's only one way out of Dingle!" 

It's one way in and one way out to the only town on the Dingle Peninsula and was one of our favourite pitstops along the amazing Wild Atlantic Way (refer to my Instagram for more eye-watering photos!). The Atlantic Coast hugs this colourful town of handmade ice cream, bountiful fish & chips restaurants and skilled jewelers. Truly a rainbow gem compared to the UK, I feasted my eyes (and my stomach) to this kitsch town and people who are upbeat even in the middle of winter!

Sneaky treat at Murphy's for the handmade Vanilla Sea Salt ice cream, which tasted even better on a sunny winter day!

Shamrock green! What a glorious and a refreshing change of pace from the grey marble slabs of London (ah ha ha ha). I did wonder whether the shop owners had a meeting where they picked colours out of a hat or something, or coordinate a town-wide aesthetic?!

Dingle you cute.

Dingle is in County Kerry (inland where Ring of Kerry is) with the cutest history: it's home to Fungie the Dolphin for the past 30 years, after he lost his family (sad) but have been spotted by many and he loves visitors and have continued to make an appearance all year round!

I really like dolphins.

Bean in Dingle is a perfect respite after an intense jewelry shopping session opposite at John Weldon's (amazing Celtic designs in white and silver gold, we walked away with a few *cough*). It's odd to see something so modern amidst the winding streets, but here ya are... can't escape the infiltration of the hipster coffee trend!

Post cheerful lunch and dessert and coffee, we drove our full bellies right along the coast to chase down the last of the sunlight and the big blue sea, emerald and green and blue and all that jazz.

While the above were perfect spots to reflect about the greater things in life, I did no such thing as the wind was relentless so I hid back into the car pretty quickly. But as our second day came to a close and I was watching Date Night on Irish TV, I couldn't help but marvel at the earthly delights of the rolling landscapes and stormy seas, knowing that this was the sort of trip that sets your heart on fire, with a devastating and calamitous force and knows no bounds, for better or worse.

Thus concludes the end of part one of the Wonderful Wild Atlantic Way series, I will see you next time! Have you ever been to this part of Ireland? I'm already having severe withdrawal symptoms, and can't wait to get back on the road.

Happy week ahead, my friends <3
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