Thursday, February 23, 2017

50 Shades Lighter

naturigin natural hair colour dark copper blonde

Did you enjoy the punny title? Because I sure did. Anyway, check it fam - I have fresh new locks again. It was getting hilarious telling people that my "ombré" 'do was just dark roots that I didn't bother re-dyeing ever since my last (self) dye job in April of last year!

If you stuck around here for a while, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of chemical dyes and usually prefer (if available) to go for the most natural option. Last year, if you remember, the dye I used to get my amazing fiery red hair was cruelty free and vegan and packed with natural oils that won't strip out moisture post-dye, which I loved and raved about endlessly.

Plus the best part: it was under £10. £7.99 to be exact. You know who loves a bargain? (I'd say most people, but it's basically screams me.)

naturigin natural hair colour dark copper blonde

And this year, luckily enough, Naturigin reached out and asked me whether I wanted try out a different colour! I leapt at the chance since I figured it was time for some spring cleaning in my roots, and get the party going... ya know what I mean?

I've done a more detailed walk-through of the products and what the box contains in my previous post so head on over there to find out more if you're interested.

I decided I wanted a more natural colour this time round so went for what looked like if I melted a bit of dark chocolate and caramel ;-) (well officially called Dark Golden Copper Brown but food is always more enticing as names, right?)

naturigin natural hair colour dark copper blondenaturigin natural hair colour dark copper blonde

Post-dye with no more weird black roots, yay.

I did have trouble picking what colour I wanted, especially as they have 19 natural hair colours to choose from! Like the previous dye, the entire process is quick and easy – no strong chemical smells and you just need to have it on for 20 mins if your hair's already dyed (30 if you haven't dyed your hair before) and I didn't have to spend ages washing my hair out till the water went clear.

I know it may come as awkward/soppy whenever a blog sings high praises for a product – but the love is real for this one, you guys. If you're thinking of changing up a new style for spring but don't want to splash that cash and want a healthier alternative, then pop by Lloyds Pharmacy if you're UK-based. They have local stockists around the world as well, so fear not my worldly friends <3

naturigin natural hair colour dark copper blonde

We've touched down in Hamburg as I hit publish on this post, so happy early weekend in advance but let me know what exciting plans you have :-) also it's beginning to warm up in London which I can't wait to go back for (because Germany is still freezing, hah!).

Disclaimer: My new and cool hair colour kindly provided by Naturigin in exchange for an honest review,  all good thoughts my own. 
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