Sunday, March 26, 2017

Part One: The Feeling of Hope

What a week of happiness, anger, sadness and ultimately... hope. It was disheartening walking home on Wednesday (we live 2 mins away from St Thomas' Hospital and Westminster Bridge) to see sirens blaring and commotion in the aftermath of what happened.

I know it's probably strange that I'm sharing these smiley photos after such a sombre week, but it definitely brought out a feeling of hope that all is not lost and a reminder to love deeply and madly, even with its consequences.

And thank you for sharing your thoughts in my previous post on the blogging culture, it was great to see so many opinions and safe to say I'm feeling more positive with you lovely lot sticking about.

I was hoping I had more to say than this but I guess not - I've had a great week catching up with my best friend who's in London for the first time but I've also been swamped with work and tedious details.

Some days I am astounded by the possibility of being alive, and I am stunned that I breathe and live right in this moment and it makes me cry. The feeling of hope: doing crosswords for the first time, arguments about the kitchen, playing bossa nova – forever is made up of moments that we act with kindness and bravery, like petals that rise into floral hurricanes in spring and eventually melt into air.

So thank you for reading these small and sometimes insignificant words, and being my interwebs friend! It's a short one today, and I'm off to Greece on Wednesday so see you peeps real soon! Have a good week ahead - let me know what's up with ya!

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