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I know that Glossier is coming to the UK soon but when ya want something, you gots to get it the hard way. Shifting gears from more serious topics the last couple of weeks, I bring you an old-fashioned beauty haul! I'm usually terrible at talking about products but I'll take up this challenge and try my best. Getting your hands on Glossier in the UK seems like the it thing and you know how much I'm an it-person (lol no), and well, I'm feeling quite accomplished. Adding that to my CV now, y'know. I mean it's not the London marathon, but it's probably the beauty equivalent of it.

I bought these from the Glossier website and it was kindly picked up by a friend who lives in New York and was visiting London. I know a bunch of other bloggers who have used mail forwarders and it seemed to work pretty well too.

I must say that I had my reservations on Glossier as a wholly millennial-influenced brand, with its stripped down packaging appealing to minimalist fanatics and of course, the brand's signature colour being millennial pink as every 20-something's dream colour.  But what if it was just another buzzword brand?

Plus, it's only 2+ years old and already making big waves – hyped up or the real McCoy? They seemed to have served up savvy beauty pretty well so I decided to take a chance on them.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18) is well known as a cult beauty favourite and there have been mixed reviews out there (pricey, better alternatives etc.) I decided to give it a chance and at $18 for 177ml, it's on the steeper end for a cleanser but I guess it counts as a pretty big bottle, and I'm pretty sure I've spent more on a cleanser before... *cough*.

It's supposed to be pH-balance which is a tick in my books to protect the skin's natural moisture barrier; I haven't tested it out just yet but I'm just finishing off my Cosrx Low pH Morning Cleanser it'll be the next one on the bathroom shelf. It's supposed to be a very gentle/light cleanser so I think it's one that will be used more on lazy weekends or makeup-free days.

I've also been warned that the Stretch Concealer ($18) isn't full-coverage so if that's what you're looking for, you're at the wrong place. I chose Medium, which looked like a good match for my skin tone. So if you don't mind lightweight, blendable and a quick something to cover up smaller blemishes, this is your bestie. I've started using this already and I have to say I really like the texture + feeling on the skin because it's not heavy. At all.

I have the NARS Creamy Concealer and the green beauty fave RMS Un-Cover Up and even the latter felt like it was a bit too much some days! The Stretch Concealer is definitely one for when I have better skin days (rare) but I've been enjoying a lot so far, before going in with my trusty cushion compact for a full makeup look. I think it'll work really well when the weather gets humid, and for when I'm heading home next month to 30C weather!

Ahh, the Haloscope, let there be light (on my cheeks). I picked Topaz ($22), which is supposed to be a universally flattering pearlescent and slightly shimmering shade. I didn't want to be a disco ball, and the philosophy of Glossier is to enhance your ~natural beauty~ so I figured this would be a great in-between no makeup and a reality TV star on TOWIE.

Not gonna lie, this stuff is sheer on me and a bit awkward to apply. I think it may be partly due to my weird dehydrated skin and it then goes on a bit stiff, especially over some BB cream. I'll need to experiment it with more to get better results. Suggestions welcomed, I might be doing it completely wrong. That said, the colour is a truly dreamy pearl, and the outer ring of the Haloscope is infused with genuine crystal for a longer lasting glow.

And finally, Cloud Paint ($18 each) in Puff and Dusk! The latest additions to the eponymous brand is what cinched my decision to finally put in my order. I'd seen it on Cindy's blog and it looks like the perfect everyday colours: easy, pretty and fun.

I had a hard time choosing between the colours (only 4) but I thought to go for something interesting. Swatches below! I know, shock horror. Me. Doing swatches.

True to its name, Dusk is a medium buildable russet-brown that looks lovely on my skin (and on anyone's, I think, it's one of those colours) – I love how the colour glides on effortlessly from my fingertips, and dabbing it out you get the softest and beautiful tint on the cheekbones/cheeks.

I really like the latest beauty trend going round: a dewy and fresh base with the smearing of pink on the cheeks à la Stylenanda and I thought Puff would be a great addition to experiment with that look. It's a cotton candy pink which adds a slight rosy flush that shouts 'I'm healthy and I've eaten kale and spinach salad and done spin classes this week!'. So yeah. Pretty good. I'd say this is better suited for pals with lighter skin though, since my tanned skin needed a bit more product for the colour to pop.

Beautiful, aren't they? PS shoutout to the stationery paper from the Marriott in Stamford, Connecticut as my swatch paper l o l. I've been using these two colours alternately every day and it's made my morning much speedier. Can't beat a natural look!

My Glossier haul was 20% off because Cindy is a Glossier rep so if you're interested, check out her blog for her rep link! Amelia (from Amelia Says) also has a rep link so go support your gal pals :-) 

That's it from me, an unusually beauty-heavy post with gif use. I'm super proud of that! Have a great week, I'll be back with a thought-provoking post later this week if I get my ass to edit the photos. 

I never know how to end posts, so you'll get an abrupt end. Or a mandatory blogger-engaging question like, have you tried anything from Glossier? What would you like to try? 

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