Monday, April 17, 2017

A Very Spring Outfit + Hidden Spring Blossoms

I've become a running joke amongst friends and colleagues lately: guilty of the act of 'courtesy liking' on Instagram. I mindlessly scroll through my feed and double tap images of 'friends' and bloggers because I need to keep that engagement going (or so I think, I don't even really know). Most times I don't even think that picture is great but I click like anyway just because I feel like I should!

(I know, I know how pathetic this sounds hahaha)

Yesterday on the bus, I started doing it and I blurted out to Matt - "I wish I could just sit on the bus and do... nothing!" He laughed at me and finished off my thought, "... and just enjoy your life?!"

Such is the tragedy of majority of the millennials, but I'm trying to taking it easy and live life a little these days.

And with that strong intro, I am back with a new post. I've been keeping plenty busy the last two weeks with traveling: Greece and a trip to New York (!) for work. They were both great and I loved the sunshine while we were roaming around West Village and going happy snappy with the camera :-)

This weekend I'm back in London,  relaxing over the Easter weekend and it's been splendid so far. Until work starts again tomorrow, that is... 


Anyway, the story of how these photos came to be deserved to be told. This was a couple of weeks ago when the flowers started blooming, and like everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere with a decent camera, I wanted some ~nice pretty blossom photographs~. You'll notice that we rarely do outfit shots in winter because 1) I hate the cold 2) I can't stand the cold without being wrapped up like a dumpling and when the weather started warming up, I made it my mission to bring colours back into my wardrobe and photos. 

While Instagram was elevating the celeb-status of Notting Hill even further, we decided to drop by the more underrated bits of the West End. Matt practically scoffed when I mentioned going to Notting Hill so we settled for getting off the tube at Bayswater and just wandering through the streets... 

I don't even know where we walked but we found white terraced houses and lots and lots of flowers. 

You could tell this neighbourhood wasn't flooded with bloggers because it was dead quiet and also had a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It's legit, everyone. We strolled through the streets uninterrupted and spent a good time enjoying the peace and quiet and curiously peering into windows! Someone who lived there even smiled at me when I was posing (badly) for a photograph, ha.

Every time I wear this jumper, it makes me so happy. It has pockets too, what more can you ask for?



The Denim Jacket is actually a slouchy men's one from Uniqlo's Men section. I've begun to eye up looser fits and where better to look than the men's? It's comfy and larger for what you pay ;-) #amiright. I've been spying for one ever since I started watching Tomorrow With You where Ma Rin dons one in the earlier episode and I fell in love with the style! 

(also, I'm very obsessed with the show but let's not talk about that) 

So if you're ever thinking of going out for a nice stroll but want to avoid people, crowds, noise or all of the above then hit up Bayswater and see where your feet takes you. Get lost on the streets and be surprised at every turn; each street had its own charm and we definitely loved being a part of the scenery coming from da South-East.

We eventually wove out onto Westbourne Park Road so it must be a small area between these two areas! And not to mention, the delish Asian food available in Bayswater / Queensway is always a plus.

Imagine having an entire house in London...

That's it folks, I'm hoping to get together some of my Greece and New York photos for a little post so stay around! I know I'm horrible at travel posts because it usually takes me ages to sort and edit them but I'm trying to make an effort to document the happy times, because it gives me a small sense of joy whenever I do :-) 

Where are your usual haunts for pretty flowers and photos? 
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