Sunday, May 28, 2017

Part Two: The Feeling of Warmth

It hasn't even been that long ago that I wrote The Feeling of Hope and what happened in Westminster, being so close to home, and now this week's sadness with Manchester was a truly senseless hurricane that robbed small but significant lives; and while I was sulking on the way / falling asleep on the bus as I worked late on Monday night, I ended up with the sniffles as I thumbed through the news of what happened.

It was bizarre to wake up the next day to find that I was alive and breathing; how it is so unfair for some, and also so undeserving and so very heartbreaking. I was thankful but also guilty – maybe many of us too – and I felt more kindness and a gentle unfurling of graciousness from strangers filled with warmth and determination (or it could've been the weather).

I am back home in sunny Malaysia this week and have already stuffed myself silly with my favourite foods (banana leaf rice mmmm - check out my Instagram stories for more!) and wondered about the meaning of life in between bleary-eyed stupor fuelled by jetlag. 13 hours of flying in stale plane air and strong morning coffee does that to you: writing secret messages on air sickness bags, vivid dreams about a murder, and a cold but balmy night on cobblestoned streets which was probably a mistake...

I'm really not sure what I'm trying to say (blame the jet lag!) but I'm thankful for the small gestures this week, which lets me to continue to believe in the goodness of humanity even though it's getting harder. I was clearing up my old stuff today and found a postcard, scribbled "I will take your sadness away and everything is okay" from many moons ago and I would like to believe I still try, and I try every day even though it gets tough and rough, with the help of my nearest and dearest.

Shifting gears a bit, on a little light-hearted note: she won't be reading this, but I stole my best friend's Oxford shirt for these photos because I didn't have one and I thought it would look good with my jeans! Then I returned it to her, of course.

Tomorrow we're off to the seaside for some epic chilling out and more pigging out, fun under the sun, beautiful islands (Borneo is so underrated, I swear) and hanging out with family! I just thought I'd check in with everyone for an update – I also can't get over all things Asian beauty over here and I just want to buy everything!

Hope your bank holiday weekend is swell, and have an awesome week ahead; let me know how your weekend was (or Memorial Weekend in the States!)?

(Outfit: Oxford Shirt - Uniqlo /  Jeans - Cheap Monday / Coat - ASOS)

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