Monday, August 28, 2017

A New Home


Welcome to a new and furnished digital home for my unusual thoughts and self-deprecating jokes! I've been thinking about it for a while – unifying my Instagram coolness of actually owning delicately (despite being an early adopter for it why am I not an influencer yet? Psh) and what has become a fun and creative space for me the last couple of years, not including meeting some cool peeps on here. Hello regular friends!

You probably didn't know but: when I started sinonym, it was a play on words (it always was) which translated to sin on him, as some sort of metaphysical revenge of my heartbreak (of love, of life etc.) through words. Those were dark years, my friends. Maybe I'll talk about it one day, maybe I won't, who knows?

I setlled on .xyz because everything else was taken and this was the cheapest. You guys know the drill.

But equally important, and I accept flattery in the comments, is that we have also physically moved houses - hence a new home... Digitally and physically. Ha ha ha. No real photos of where I am because it ain't pretty, boxes of stuff (I swear I am not a hoarder...) are everywhere and not enough storage space. On the flip side, we have a pretty awesome communal rooftoop with the city view, a 24 hour McDonalds down the road (you never know) and some nice roads for leisurely weekend cycling. 

I have to of course say thank you for all the thoughtful comments and experiences you shared in my last post about finding the right balance in life. It's made me feel like I'm not alone fighting off exhaustion when I'm screaming inside at 10pm when my work laptop refuses to do its job. This bank holiday weekend is a real treat, I've already gone to John Lewis for ~boring house stuff~ and an hour-long bike ride in our neighbourhood and found a gem of a café!

I thought this would also be an opportune moment to show off my new favourite striped top (y'all know I love me my stripes) - it's embroidered with my name and it was definitely whispering 'take me home' so I did. I picked this up from a charming lil' store called Maison Labiche in Le Marais - an epitome of the effortless Frencherie (yes I said 'Frencherie') style, with many timeless and quirky pieces. You can also customise your own embroidery on the website, and they have some very tempting gingham and flowy tops....

Other noteworthy things this weekend:  
  • This morning I had a decaf coffee from our Nespresso machine and it was great because I don't usually drink coffee as it gives me heart palpitations but I can now enjoy dat coffee taste without feeling like I'm going into overdrive
  • Getting new Harry Potter themed (!) PJs. Soft and cute, it's wonderful. 
  • Warm breakfasts and not needing to rush out of the door soon afterwards. 
  • Writing my FinTech newsletter - my completely non-fashion and travel related life, if you're curious + love my humour you can sign up here (please?)

PS, despite the trenchcoat, this isn't part of the Jack Wills trench coat styling series that's going around ;-) I jest, I actually really like JW but my coat is an oldie (but a goodie!) from Zara - which I've had to sewn up a few times because the seams didn't have great stitching. But hey, it still works right? I threw on my fave Subdued jeans and called it a day.

Striped top - Maison Labiche / Jeans - Subdued / Coat - Zara (similar)

How was your weekend? Hope you guys like the new header + the name! And enjoy your stay! *hands over a metaphorical hotel key* (am I weird?) 

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