Monday, August 7, 2017

A Sneak Peek of Japan

After what seemed like an endless week of jetlag and late nights (not due to jetlag), I've only had time to sit down today (read: Sunday evening) to sort through some of my Japan holiday snaps. It's been a fantastic time away, even though it was 99% sticky and humid and I was sweating buckets.

I wanted to share a small piece of the charm of Japan before I start going through the bulk of my photos for more in-depth stories about the places and cities we've visited, all of which had its own quirks and funny tales.

Being away has been part-stressful (navigation in a foreign country is always hard) but mostly enjoyable and for two weeks, I didn't have to check work emails (also because I forgot my work phone) or post Instagram photos because being in a completely different time zone is awesome, and just spend time wandering around and looking at new things, eating great food!

Late night Izakaya meal of intestines - definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I grew up in Asia where beef and pork noodles were made yummier with these, haha!

After seeing the fiery Tokyo skyline, we were so hungry and made it to what I now consider to be the best tonkatsu restaurant ever... If you were following me on Instagram, you would've known that I was pretty much obsessed and bent over backwards to have two bowls of daikon miso soup till my tummy literally hurt.

My fave summer dress made it to the trip - the cutouts were a lifesaver because it was warm and ventilation was much appreciated. Guys, Asian summers are not to be messed around with. Japan definitely beat our Korea summer trip last year in terms of the heat scale.... whew.  My skin was loving it though, it 100% does better in humidity than back in grey, dry, and dull London :(

Endless markets selling all sorts - I picked up a couple bags of bonito flakes (mm), pickled plums, mochi (!) and knick knacks in our frequent trips to the local markets.

Of course, who could forget soft serve ice cream! As you know, being lactose intolerant meant I was disqualified from majority of the ice creams, except for soy bean ice cream (!!) which was bomb-diggity and way easier to find than any western countries.

I can't wait to share more photos from the trip, I think you'll love them as much as I will enjoy reliving it once more. Follow along on Instagram if you aren't already (I love having mini chats there) to see all the Japan photos so far and the new ones to come. Have a nice week ahead, friends and tell me how you've been - feels like ages!

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