Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland in Canada: Panorama Mountain Village

I wanted my hiatus comeback to be a big moan, and about why being an adult is so weird but I figured that would totally jeopardise the Christmas mood. Now, I'm the least Christmassy person, and the only festive thing I've done so far is paint my nails green, and that a dark milky green, if you added pine trees and milk together or something. 

I guess you all know the drill by now: been busy with work, got sick again, and still really busy even the week before the Big Holiday... I've been saving these snaps for a rainy day but that's probably never going to come and now is as good as ever to share this beautiful snowy experience with you too. Last month when I was in Canada, it was mad snowy (sorry London you ain't got nothing) we drove to beautiful British Columbia to Panorama Mountain Village for an overnight stay in one of their lodges. 

It was by no means a luxury retreat; the lodge was dated with creaky stairs, Nineties styled paintings and ridiculously chilly bathrooms. But as is family traditions (mine at least), we sat around the dining table cooking a steamboat dinner with lots of treats while night dawned. And then I fell swiftly asleep because... jetlag isn't pretty.

We awoke to snowfall the next morning! A thick and innocently white carpet, with the silent thudding of snowflakes – which is really quite a magical scene in real life.

These mountains are usually for skiing (spy the ski lifts) but none of us ski/do strenuous activities (haa) so I spent a good chunk of the morning in glee, in awe of nature, since the last time I was around snow was Winter of '10, when London's airports embarrassingly shut down because they couldn't cope with 'adverse weather conditions'.

It was awfully quiet since snow season hadn't really begun yet because there wasn't just enough snow so I'm pretty sure we were very alone in our lodge, in the middle of the mountains. Pretty surreal!

This was the view from our balcony, which was also covered in snow and it was like a scene from a cheesy Christmas flick, except in real life and looks super cool. You'll see I've taken many of the same (not sorry) shot of the lodge opposite to ours...

Then a couple walked past – hello! - with their dog and smart me was like, 'damn girl you gotta get dat shot' so I did and this will probably make its way onto my Instagram with a obnoxiously modest caption... Joking aside, it was a sweet time spending time with my cousins and grandma and having warm food. Only the best things in life for me, obviously.

I had packed this garrish orange turtleneck jumper which I knew would come in handy and it did the job... The snow started falling again after I got changed so more photo ops, and you can actually see the flecks, in my hair, everywhere!

I'd love to spend more time in Canada next time, and while it's not the first country that springs to mind when it comes to an epic adventure (or is it?), I love the look of all its National Parks, and it'd be superb if I could visit in spring. I'm going to be honest and say that I haven't been feeling the greatest lately, and my mind has been in a blurry haze and a downright mess, which could explain the absence but I'm glad I spent time being still in November, under the flurrying snow, and felt the chill in my feet while trudging through the grounds.

If only I could replicate this feeling in this crazy metropolis of whirring lights and a population addicted to smoking cigarettes, then maybe I could also have a semblance of calm. In the meantime, at least I'll have the trip as a reminder that breathing is voluntary (a friend said this the other day, and it just made so much sense).

Panaroma Mountain Village
2000 Panorama Dr, Panorama, BC V0A 1T0, Canada

Did not meant for it to get all personal, but hey, here we are... 

A short but memorable trip is always a delight isn't it? It feels weird to be back here writing again, but I suppose I have to start somewhere! What have I missed so far? How's everyone's Christmas prep shaping up? 

(Prop to my mama for taking the photos of me, she did such a great job!)

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