Sunday, March 4, 2018

How I'm Getting Ready for Spring At Home

Talking about spring seems to be a bit comical right now, given The Great Snowstorm which just passed last week. I spent the week working from home, completely content in my bubble of underfloor heating and humidifier... not even the lure of wintery Instagram photos could drag me out.

But I'm gearing up for flower season again, and being able to wear jeans with normal shoes. Ever since moving into my new place, I've been too busy finding my own personal space to have done anything with the dull, bare walls. It's time I've brought it up a notch!

The dawn of spring seems to evoke a sense of optimism in everyone it seems, and I guess I will play along to it as well. In an attempt to brighten up my home space, I wanted to create something that I wouldn't hate after a week because I thought it looked great on someone's Instragram feed.


I spent three weeks back in Malaysia which meant ample access to my favourite store, Daiso (think Poundland but Japanese and 100000x better) and picked up this nifty wire rack to add some photos and eventually hang up on a blank wall in the living room. It only set me back £1, which I'm extremely pleased about.

Printiki also offered to print some of my most memorable 2017 travel photos and they came out great, so now I can reminisce and think about all that delicious food that went through my stomach. Ain't nothing better in life, my friends. I decided to overcome my hoarder sensibilities and finally use my pretty stationery for decorating the board, including washi tape and some string, loads of stickers and clips.

I think printed photos are such sweet mementos, especially when you can't afford expensive instax refills (sigh). I got mine printed for £10 for 30 photos (30p per piece), and if you're interested you can try it out over on Printiki and get free shipping with my code 'VPYGHAYV' too. Sharing is caring, right?

Now fingers crossed it doesn't make me look like a five-year-old made this.


I hate that my candles tunnel. Or run out of wick. Move aside and choose your best candles which won't infuriate you, that's my advice. My Coconut Milk Mango soy candle from Anthropologie have served me well and brings a not overly fruity ambience to the room which I really like. It burns well and isn't overpowering, like the finer things in life, you know?

I also think that changing up scents from musky and woody to something fresh helps reset for a new season and bid farewell to those long, and unimaginable winter nights. It would be great if I had moolah for the beautiful Diptyque limited edition Rose candle, but alas...


Spring time allows me to add more colour to my life and I *love* this print (which is actually a greeting card) from Papier (this is by the talented Jade Fisher and I am totally smitten by all her designs), and using simple frame for display and voilà, I really thinks it opens up the space more, especially as the illustration is wonderfully vibrant but laidback too. I have knick-knacks from different places to vary up the shelf, and I find smaller candles, coasters or potted plants really easy to arrange and livens up an otherwise blank slate. 

I've had to rescue my plants in from the cold this week – you'll see I'm not the best at taking care of them, oops - but I adore the idea of greenery in a space. It's a sea of green calm if you will, and dotting them around my living room and dining area has prepped me well and on my way to bidding spring aloha. 

How are you getting ready for spring? 

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