Monday, May 28, 2018

A Spring Catch Up

Wow, hello! I'd never thought I would be easing back into blogging and writing anything down here in a while, yet here I am.... It's been a good two months, many things have happened, including a trip to the hospital which wasn't fun at all. I was also in a bad health phase, losing a terrible amount of weight for my size, so I've been lying low with social media, taking time to relax and do more things I enjoy.

But our big, happy news was something I wanted to share, even though we kept it under wraps until I decided to talk about it on Instagram (and the same day after the Malaysian elections), so here it is - Matt and I got married!

Might as well come out with it eh?

It's kind of odd being here, being almost 27 and living the big 'M' word. But quite the contrary, while it's been odd, it's also been full of love and we're back in full force, being the childish 20-something year olds we are. My 20 year old self would hardly believe that this is where I would end up, but then again, my 20 year old self was severely unhappy and had bad friends...

I'm sharing a few snaps of our wedding day, which was beautiful, brought together by our closest family and friends, with the incredibly lucky weather (it was low 10C the weekend before) and delicious food.

My beautiful flower crown was from Grace and Thorn - I'd wanted something colourful but nothing too obnoxious and their Ready to Wear collection had the perfect selection. I didn't have to bulk order anything, and they delivered it promptly on Friday evening all tied up.

This was the kid's size (lol) because I have a tiny head. It fitted perfectly and everyone (including me, duh) loved it. I didn't want to take it off!

My bouquet was also from the same themed collection, I fell in love with The Future is Bright arrangement: beautiful with a pink rose, greenbells, eucalyptus and craspedia. It was really the most delicate (ha) coming together of florals :) 

Our post-ceremony lunch was at the laidback Peckham Bazaar, which was a feasting menu with sumptuous Mediterranean highlights like grilled Octopus, slow-braised leg of lamb and a to-die-for baklava and coconut ice cream. We chose it because it was an upgrade from a pub lunch, but nothing too formal or strict. I also loved the verandah and glass windows, with the open kitchen with the food being cooked. 

(My feet ached from wearing heels so I changed into my loafers after lunch, hahaha)

Us being us, we didn't have a photographer so a big shout-out to friends and family to took some delightful photos of the day! 

I'm hoping to get back into blogging with a few skincare posts, so stay tuned! Please say hi below, it's been a long time friends...

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