Tuesday, July 10, 2018

These Summer Days & Life Lately

This post is in partnership with Thomas Sabo

(For the best reading experience, I'd recommend this summer dream track while you read)

The warmth is unfurling slowly and all at once, isn't it? Hard to keep track of the afternoon haze, when all you want to do is drink cloudy lemonade and be a cool girl. I've pulled a couple of disappearing acts this year but some exciting things are on the horizon, and I'm really excited for a change in my life.... 

I'm popping in to share some life-related activities, because that's what this space is for, right? Plus these sweet photos were taken near our local café (so cute!) which doubles as a bar at night – before heading to Tesco for our weekend groceries. Glam. 

Let's just discuss the new Florence + The Machine album - not something I expected because it's got a lot of choral elements but I am loving it so far! I couldn't help but add the band tee to my collection, something to keep it going until I see them live again in Novemeber, can't wait...

I've added a few plant friends into our space and have fully embraced the plant life! Although I'm quite terrified that I end up killing all of them, eek. I've also been scouring charity shops for vinyls because I have a record player now, and I already have a small and budding collection. Nothing better than putting on some Sunday jazz on!

After our wedding, I've been partial to wearing more jewelry too - plus there's more reasons to accessorise when it's summer than hiding it away under a winter coat! I'm at ~that age~ where I'm investing in some good quality and timeless accessories, and I was so pleased to add to my collection a beautifully designed Thomas Sabo Zodiac pendant charm (I'm a Capricorn FYI) in a gold vermeil from the Generation Charm Club range. I've always thought charms as a great way to pick what you really love in jewelry, and make it something special for yourself or someone you're giving it to :)

My childhood fascination with the stars has always stayed with me, now I finally have some cosmic magic whenever I put it on my zodiac necklace. In all honesty, I love it because it's such an intricate and wonderfully ornate design that goes well with pretty much any summer outfit. Midi-dresses, tees, and even a casual work outfit.

I paired my charm with a gold necklace with the perfect length to wear on its own or with other necklaces. I'm upping my layering game this year you guys! No joke though, I've worn it almost every day since I got it.

I'm already pining after a new charm to add to my existing one, maybe a silver one to get that two-tone style going, you know? I'm also eyeing up their personalised engraving collection, and thinking it'd be a great gifting option when special occasions or when I'm running out of Christmas ideas this year... heh.

I'm finally winding down and excited to get back into the blogging swing of things soon, I promise... all will be revealed soon. Hold on to your horses, y'all.

What's your most treasured piece of accessory? How's your summer going?

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