Sunday, April 7, 2019

5 Products I'm Loving in Spring

5 best products for spring drunk elephant

It's not much of a spring to boast of but at least we've survived another winter... Ye olde blog is now back in business (for now) thanks to some new goodies in my skincare stash this year. I've been experimenting with skincare, and investing more time and $$ into ingredients that work for me.

For example, knowing niacinamide does nothing for me helps me move past a new launch and straight to ingredients that are actually effective!

These five relatively new-ish newbie products are some that my skin loves so I'm here to spread the love. Being friends with people who are more obsessed with skincare than me has definitely propelled me into a journey of skincare products for the last two years or so...

5 best products for spring drunk elephant

5 best products for spring drunk elephant5 best products for spring


I finally have a few Drunken Elephant (despite mini sized) products to try out! Thanks to Shereen (as usual) who spotted this at a TK Maxx, I've been using the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydra Gel during a stint back home (summer weather) but also lately as the weather has been erratic... 

First of all, love that it's pretty much scentless! The star ingredient is vitamin B5 which helps hydrates (no surprises why it's something I'm drawn towards) without being too sticky. It's quick to absorb and creates a good canvas for either sunscreen or makeup. Something I can see myself reaching out more during spring and well into summer... 


I first discovered this beautiful Beaudiani Neroli face mist at a k-beauty event Shereen co-hosted last year and I'm taken to how it's not just water but packed with non-irritating essential oils that actually helps refreshes and lightly moisturise my face throughout the day. I've held onto this mini version (part of a gift from my friends) for the last few months and it's so easy to carry round and spritz after a bout of wind... 

I have my eyes next on the Femmue face mist which will be perfect for the warmer months!

5 best products for spring commodity

5 best products for spring commodity


This Commodity Mimosa scent was from my Space NK birthday set but I've only got around to using it lately because of its more refreshing, citrus (think blood orange) scent. The eponymous packaging is timeless and feels luxurious even though it's only a deluxe sample, no wonder Commodity is such a beauty fave.

I'll be going to my friend's wedding in Spain soon and no doubt this will make an appearance in my beauty bag, fitting for the long sunny days and wine-filled evenings!

best vegan deodorant nuud cruelty free


Who remembers that post I did a long time ago about my favourite deodorants? (Spoilers: LOL NO ONE CHERIE) Anyway this little tub of Nuud deodorant is a surprise Instagram find! Ads do work after all, it's not dead... yet. I was intrigued because this was different to a lot of the natural deodorants on the market, firstly it's a cream which I've not tried before and it only has 10 ingredients...

It's not the cheapest and the claims were pretty audacious so I was obviously skeptical but decided to give it a go anyway. In the end I got some for Christmas (winning) and been testing it out for a while now so am pleased to say I'm smitten by them!

Disclaimer: okay for the first week, I was still stinkin' like blue cheese and was prepared to write a not-so-great review but I'm glad I powered through, and as my body adjusted to it - it works like a charm.

The best thing about it is that it's perfume-free and you only really need a pea-sized of it. I've used it for 4 months now and still have lots left, especially because you only really need to reapply it every 3-7 days. It contains silver as its main antibacterial deterrent, but you can read up on their ingredients list here and what each purpose is for.

It's also cruelty-free and vegan for those of you who's interested in that... Who knew I'd be writing paragraphs on deodorant eh?

best soothing kbeauty essence


So this is really a 'best for last' product... The I'm From Mugwort Essence was my birthday gift from my #FOTS family (skincare friends!) as I was hinting that I was interesting in getting it myself. Dare I say that this essence has really changed my skin for the last few months as I've been incorporating it into my routine?

Mugwort is Korean native herb which has been traditionally used for inflammation. It's great for healing, calming and irritated skin (read: ME) and filled with antioxidants! The essence is watery but still pretty potent in a good way that is light enough to be absorbed into the skin in any weather. I've used this in hotter and cold weather and it works its magic.

It's really helped me even out my skin after a warm shower, in the mornings and general redness problems. It's strong herbal scent without additional perfumes is my sort of jam as well so it's a definite win!

Thank you to Kar (the OG skinfluencer) for introducing this magical ingredient into my life... 

What are your spring skincare staples? (SSS!)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Winter Skincare for Acne-Prone and Dehydrated Skin

Happy Sunday folks, I spent the weekend cocooning up and not leaving the house because I'm just not a winter gal. My skin's definitely not the best right now, with it being so dry and dehydrated going from walking in the cold and into a overheated office space...

I love having a nosey at what everyone's skincare cabinet is so thought I'd share what's on my face at the moment. I have dehydrated and acne-prone skin so layers of hydration is something I'm always aiming for when it gets chilly so I've included some moisture-boosting products.

I start my routine and tone with the Missha FTE Intensive, a cult favourite in the skincare community. It's supposed to be very similar to the SKII FTE but is a more affordable option. The key ingredient is fermented yeast (yes it does smell like it, so something to note if you're not used to strong scents) and so supposed to help quick moisture absorption, refine skin texture and help pigmentation. I can't say much for the latter two but the light watery texture dries down very nicely to get ready for my essence.

For essence, I'm using up the last bit of the Zymogen Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Serum (a mouthful, that really is). It helps minimise sebum and control oil so that's a plus in my books, with other ingredients like licorice root extract and panthenol for soothing troubled skin. Alcohol is high on the list though so out of the bottle and to skin application can smell a bit strong. I'm conscious of this so my next essence will be alcohol free...

The Deviant Skincare (formerly Alkimi Skin) VI facial oil is a repurchase and a firm favourite from last year routine and jam packed with omega acids and antioxidants which doesn't feel greasy or cling to my skin at all. I use this night and day, as it helps seal in moisture. At night I like using a sleep masking on top of it too...

The newest to my routine and the star of the show for me this season is the Make Prem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream and it's honestly one of my favourite moisturisers I've ever used. It only has 12 ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin but packs a punch when it comes to soothing any irritation or providing relief after a day at work. Bonus points for squalene in the ingredients list too, a natural emollient that locks moisture and help protect the skin barrier.

Because winter is just so dry, I prefer moisturising products over anything that's targeted for special concerns like anti-aging. For me, the focus is on moisture so my skin don't feel like parchment... My eye cream is the Belif Moisturising eye bomb and works as it says it should. It keeps my undereyes healthy and soft and just works.

Finally, another new addition to the team is the REN Perfect Canvas Primer Serum. It's marketed as a primer without silicones and works seamlessly within your skincare routine, and preps the skin ready for makeup or just on its own. Let me just say I love this product too – it's light and not thick or rubbery like primers with dimethecone, and layers wonderfully under makeup. I really do find my concealer sitting nicely above it, without drying up and plumps up the skin.

It's not the cheapest, but I got it when REN was offering 30% so it made it less painful. I also only use 2 drops each time so 30ml will last me a while...

That's my routine for you...! I also use sunscreen but I'm testing out a few so I've left that one out by have been eyeing up the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence thanks to my friend Shereen. What are you using this winter season?
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